wow Obtaining and Spending Ancient Mana in Legion!

So you’ve just hit 110 and you’re venturing into Suramar, but suddenly you’re introduced to a new currency: Ancient Mana. We’ve rounded up exactly what it is, how to use it, and how to get as much out of it as possible! What is Ancient Mana? Ancient mana is vital for Nightfallen to live without Nightwell’s central power; In the game it is a currency used to deal with Nightfallen, open portals around Suramar and make sure that your allies don’t turn to Wither. How can I find Ancient Mana? You can absolutely find it everywhere. As you progress through Suramar you will notice that there is Ancient Mana found in every corner of the world. You can find AM in the following places:

  • Dropped by the mobs you killed around the area.
  • Complete Nightfallen story quests.
  • The collecting profession has a chance to pick up currency.
  • After gaining Honor with Nightfallen, you can purchase an amulet (Boon of the ManaseekerBoon of the Manaseeker) will allow packs to drop from mobs you kill.
  • You can talk to Arcanist Valtrois and gain Leyline MasteryLeyline Mastery’s buff.
  • There are deposits around Suramar and Suramar City that could be looted.

There are two types of deposits that can be found in the area. We’ll start with the ancient Mana mines outside the city. These rocks come in the following forms:

  • Ancient Mana Shards: 10 a.m. every
  • Ancient Mana Chunk: 20 a.m. every
  • Ancient Mana Crystals: 50 – 100 AM each
  • Sparkling Ancient Mana Clusters: 150 hours each cluster

The ones in Suramar city have a similar value to AM, but are generally harder to reach due to your chance of having your camouflage broken:

  • Leypetal Blossom: 35 – 45 am every
  • Leypetal powder: 65 – 75 morning each time
  • Glow house: 65 – 75 light every
  • Mana Infused Gems: 65 – 75 light each
  • Arcwine is fortified twice: 110 AM each time
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Ancient Mana Limit As you find more AMs around this area, you will start to notice that you simply cannot carry the money you find. If this happens, it may be time to start increasing your Ancient Mana limit. There are items and quests around the area that can increase your limit up to 2000. The items, each of which will grant +100 to your limit, are as follows: Quests you need to complete to increase your limit (add +100 ) are also listed below, in the order you will complete them:

  • Feeding Shal’Aran
  • Valewalker’s Burden
  • The residence of Thalyssra
  • How it was created: Arcwine
  • Make your mark

Ancient mana for what? Your main cost when it comes to Ancient Mana will be keeping your Nightfallen allies alive and healthy. When their “life meter” runs out, you’ll need to give them Mana Ancient to revive them. You will get a different buff from each ally when you give them the AM they need. Here are the buffs you can get: Ally Name AM Cost Buff First Shooter Thalyssra 50 Ward of the First ArcanistWard of the First Arcanist Arcanist Valtrois 10 Leyline MasteryLeyline Mastery Chief Telemancer Oculeth 10 Walking alongWarpwalking Leyweaver Ke’lorin 25 Leywoven BulwarkLeywoven Bulwark Curious Manasaber 25 Manasaber rideRide the Manasaber Nightborne Wretch 5 EmpatheticFont Empathy Spirit 20 Spirit transmissionSecurity module disabled 25 . mental transmission Security Modules SupportedSupported Security Module Felbound Manasaber 50 Loyalty Manager Ley Ward 20 Ley InfusionLey Infusion Arcward 25 SpellshardSpellshard In addition to using it for allies, you can buy some items in the city of Suramar. These items don’t have to have a huge impact, but can provide small, useful bonuses. The items are as follows: Item name Cost AM Souvenir RaptorSouvenirs Raptor 100 Souvenirs MurlocMurloc Souvenirs 100 Souvenirs ElekkSouvenirs Elekk 100 DevilLunch box “Devilaur” 1000 Illusion bomb25 . illusion bomb Enchanted FirecrackersEnchanted Firecrackers 25 The last place to spend your Ancient Mana is the “Training Wither” scenario. This training scenario will see you put your withered recruits out on a mission to try and claim as much loot as possible. The cost of AM will depend on the number of recruits you bring; currently costs 100am per 1 recruitment. Scenario bonuses include:

  • Reputation
  • Material
  • Crafting power
  • Ancient Mana
  • Order resources
  • Gear
  • The quest begins for The reins of Llothien ProwlerThe reins of Llothien Prowler
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Everything you need to know about the new currency!

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