Wondering why mscorsvw.exe has high CPU usage? You can speed it up.

Video mscorsvw exe Find out why topqa.info has high CPU usage? You can speed it up. This post was written by Rich Lander, Program Manager of the .NET Framework Team. It is written for people who want to understand why topqa.info is running on their machine and want to know how to speed it up. .info is the culprit? If so, this post should help you with those performance issues. topqa.info is a component of Windows and is also known as the .NET Framework Optimization Service. It optimizes your machine to launch apps faster. Read: what is mscorsvw. Most of the time, users don’t notice mscorsvw. If you notice it and want it to stop affecting your computer’s performance, we recommend that you run the script provided below. This script will make mscorsvw run at full speed to get the job done faster and will probably slow down your machine in the meantime. When the script has finished its work, it will close by itself. If you notice mscorsvw again, you can run this script again, but we hope you don’t need to.

  • Click here: .NET Framework Optimization Accelerator Script

When you click the link above, you’ll need to click through a set of dialog boxes that ask you to open and run the script. Please do that. If you are asked with which program to run the script, select Windows Script Server. On Windows XP, you’ll need to save the script to your desktop (or another location on your computer) before running it (just double-click it).

Why do I need mscorsvw and .NET Framework?


Millions of software developers around the world choose to write applications using the .NET Framework provided by Microsoft. You may have used many applications built with the .NET Framework without even knowing it. The .NET Framework includes a technology called Native Image Generator (NGEN) that makes applications launch much faster, and it periodically works to optimize your machine. You can read more about this technology in a related post: Need speed? .NET applications start up faster.

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How do I know if mscorsvw is running?

Task Manager can tell you what applications or services are running on your machine and how much machine resources they are using. You can see topqa.info in Task Manager, highlighted below. You can see many references to topqa.info in Task Manager. That’s OK and part of how it should work.

How often and when does Mscorsvw run?

The .NET Framework Optimization Service runs at two main times:

  • Once the .NET Framework is installed on your machine.
  • When the .NET Framework is provided by Windows Update.

The first case does not happen often. The .NET Framework comes with Windows, so you usually already have the version of the .NET Framework that you need to run a certain application. The second case occurs more often. We update the .NET Framework a few times a year, usually to improve security. These updates will usually happen on “patch Tuesday,” if you’re familiar with that term. Read more: Which states have the most incest We try to update and optimize the .NET Framework during the night (time zone specific), while most people are asleep. Sometimes it just can’t be done, especially when the machine is turned off. As a result, the .NET Framework is sometimes updated during the day, which then also requires the .NET Framework Optimization Service to run during the day. When that happens, you may notice the service running and possibly slow down your machine for a while. You may be wondering why this is happening, since the .NET Framework Optimization service runs in the background. In Windows 8, we changed the .NET Framework Optimization Service, to operate in a more silent mode. It only works during idle time (when you are not using your computer). That means you should never notice it, even if it’s active during the day.

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Can I disable or disable mscorsvw?

We do not recommend disabling or disabling the .NET Framework Optimization Service in Task Manager. It is doing an important task to your machine and will help your application launch much faster, once it’s done. However, you can speed up the .NET Framework Optimization Service. By default, it only uses one CPU core. Instead, you can tell it to get the job done as quickly as possible using more cores (for now, it won’t use more than 6). That way it will get the job done faster and you can do other things. You can run this .NET Framework optimization speedup script (same as provided above) to request Translate .NET Framework optimization service accelerated. If you like PowerShell and have it installed, we have also provided a PowerShell script to speed up the optimization service. You’ll need to download the script to your machine and call it from an administrator PowerShell command prompt. The script needs to run under the remote or unrestricted PowerShell execution policy. Note that most of the speedup occurs for .NET Framework 4. If you only install .NET Framework 2 or 3.5, the acceleration effect will be less than .

Tell me more about the script. What are the mscorsvw commands?

The scripts that we have provided are a convenience for those who do not want to deal with the command prompt. If you prefer to use the command prompt, you can use the commands below instead. These commands depend on the version of .NET Framework you have installed and the version of Windows you have and whether it is 32 bit or 64 bit.

  • .NET 4, 4.5 or 4.5.1 Preview on Windows 7 or earlier: c: topqa.info executeQueuedItems On 64-bit operating systems add: c: topqa.info executeQueuedItems
  • .NET 4, 4.5 or 4.5.1 Preview on Windows 8 or 8.1 Preview: Read more: What to do with woodchip farm sim 22c: topqa.info executeQueuedItems schTasks /run / Tn “topqa.info topqa.info Framework NGEN v4 .0.30319 “On 64 bit OS add: c: topqa.info executeQueuedItems schTasks /run/Tn“ topqa.info topqa.info Framework NGEN v4.0.30319 64”
  • If you don’t have .NET 4 or later installed, but you have .NET 2.0 or 3.5, use this command instead: c: topqa.info executeQueuedItems On 64-bit operating systems add: c: topqa.info executeQueuedItems
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These commands assume that Windows is installed on the C drive. If this is not the case, you can either change the drive letter or use the %windir% environment variable (e.g. %windir% topqa.info executeQueuedItems) These commands must be entered from the command prompt that you have “run as administrator”. Otherwise, you’ll get an error message instructing you to run commands with administrative credentials.


The .NET Framework is installed on over a billion machines and is used to run millions of applications every day. In the .NET Framework product family, we focus on making those applications launch as quickly as possible. A big part of how we do that is by optimizing both the .NET Framework and the applications that run on it. This optimization needs to be done on your machine a few times a year due to updates to the .NET Framework. You can learn more about .NET Framework optimization in our other post on the subject: Need speed? .NET applications start up faster. Read more: What is a football hat trick?

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