Why your cat chooses to sit on you

If you’re like me, you’ll love it when your cat decides to lie on you. While it can be frustrating when you’re trying to do other things (like writing articles so you can buy cat food), you let them stay. They chose you after all, so how can you annoy them (even if you have to go to the bathroom for hours)? But why did cats decide to bestow this honor on their owners? Why do cats like rings? Keep reading to discover some surprising reasons cats might choose to sit on you.

They seek connection and attention


Despite their reputation for being aloof, most cats crave attention (especially from their lovers). Cats get lonely when you’re not around and will beg for attention when you’re around. One way they do this is by sitting on your lap; it’s hard to ignore them when they’re right over your head! They come to you to connect and love. Usually, cats are pampered, so cats can come to you when they want to be petted and loved.

You are warm

Whether by the radiator or in the sun, kittens love to nap in warm places. One of the warmest places in your house will happen anywhere because of the heat your body gives off! This could be why cats love to sit with you. They may choose to sit on your lap because they want to absorb all of your body heat. Fortunately, it’s not a one-way street; Your cat’s temperature and fur can also help keep you warm. With your cat in your lap, both of you will feel comfortable and cozy.

They trust you

Impact Photography / Shutterstock: Sitting on top of you is the ultimate sign of trust. Cats only sit on the lap of people they really feel safe with. This is especially true if they nap on you. Essentially, your cat is saying it trusts you to protect them against any predators while they nap. To build even more trust with your pet, make sure you don’t force them to sit on your lap and that you give them the option to walk away when they want to. By acknowledging her freedom and letting your heart open to her, you’re encouraging the cat to trust you even more.

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They love the way you smell and sound

Your body is like a white noise machine for cats. They found noises that people make naturally, like breathing and heartbeat, to be very soothing. It helps them relax into an easy sleep. Your cat may also be attracted to your unique scent. Smelling can make cats feel more secure, making it easier for them to fall asleep. This may also explain why your cat always seems to like sleeping on your clothes, bedding, and other possessions.

Your clothes feel good

Have you noticed that cats only sleep on your lap when you’re wearing certain things? Cats like to nap in warm and comfortable places. They are also sensitive to certain textures, favoring soft, matte materials over those that scratch easily. If you wear a fleece sweater or a soft bathrobe, your cat will probably like you more. But if you’re wearing a vinyl raincoat, she might not be as interested.

They like you

In addition to trusting you and wanting your attention, a cat sitting on your lap usually means they like you! A lot of cats choose a favorite human. Cats have many ways to show their affection, like patting you, nudging you, and sitting on your lap. That’s praise from a cat. They are more likely to be resting next to their favorite person than anyone else in the room.

They are marking their territory

Many cats naturally feel the need to assert their territory, which may include you and your bed. Cats rub their heads and leave pheromones on anything they feel is theirs. Then, when other cats come along, they can smell those hormones and will realize they’re in another cat’s territory. The cat comes along to try to claim you.Runtime, nap time: Why cats choose to sit on youyurakrasil / Shutterstock

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Where does your cat sleep?

Cats can also sleep on different parts of your body for different reasons. Some cats enjoy sleeping on their heads. This may be uncomfortable for you, but your cat may prefer it because your head doesn’t move as often when you sleep. Your head also radiates heat, so your cat can curl up on your pillow to stay warm during the night. Some cats like to sleep on your chest. When you sleep, your slow and steady breathing can be appealing to your cat. The chest also creates a large, relatively flat area for the cat to absorb a lot of body heat.

Understand cat body language

Looking at your cat’s body language can give you a deeper understanding of what’s motivating them to engage in your sleep. A cat that is relaxed, content, and happy to be hugged by you can show many different signs. He can lie on his back, expose his belly – the most vulnerable part of his body – and really relax. Babies can sleep with their legs extended away from their body instead of tightly curled up. He may growl and look at you with crossed eyes, blinking slowly. Your cat may even rub his head against you, mark you with their scent, and treat you as his own. In all of these moves, he shows that he is happy and comfortable. In these cases, your cat is likely to be curled up tightly to protect her belly. He may only half-close one or both eyes when he dozes off, keeping himself awake enough to easily be fully awake in a matter of seconds. Some cats may be in the “loaf” position, where they clamp their front legs under their body. In this position, the cat may doze lightly but easily jump up if it feels threatened.

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Signs of trouble

In most cases, it’s perfectly normal for your cat to sleep on top of you, especially if your cat has a regular habit. A cat that regularly finds you to nap may just be a cat that is very attached to you or wants to deepen that relationship. Every cat is different, so it’s important to spend some time observing your cat’s preferences to see if he likes to often go to bed with you at night. . If your cat rarely sleeps with you but suddenly starts sleeping with you constantly, it could indicate that they are not well. If this behavior is combined with your cat feeling unusually sedated or sleeping more than usual, it’s important to schedule an appointment with your veterinarian for a checkup. of a new pet and even with its mood. However, paying attention to your cat’s sleeping habits over time can help you become aware of how they’re feeling and can alert you to health problems. Editor’s Suggestions

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