Which One You Should be After

Too many people are interested in the pursuit these days humanity. For example, it’s happening all around us, ask yourself how many movies you’ve seen about finding your soul mate. But is this really important? Is it really worth spending your entire life on just that goal? I believe not. I believe your main focus should be elsewhere. Do not misunderstand me; There’s nothing wrong with finding your soul twin. But your main concern is trying to experience God’s LoveLet me explain why. smileHumanity in general has forgotten the true meaning of the word “love”. This word has been used (and abused) so much, that, sadly, many people never really figure out what divine love really is.

God’s Love

The most basic feature of divine love is that it tends to rise above itself. In other words, it has a strong urge to surpass itself, which in turn leads to an equally strong urge for creativity.That’s why we say that without God’s love nothing would be created.I’ve been through this on a small scale many times in my life. Whenever I feel the energy of love, I am inspired, I have a strong urge to create something beautiful. At the same time, it also means that the key to spiritual growth is having and experiencing divine love. What progress are you making on your spiritual path, ask yourself if you are experiencing Divine love. one with the flow of love, with River of Things, Read more: In which episode Itachi died The best thing a person can go through is their fusion with the Divine. It is the most perfect love, the only love that everyone on this planet is looking for. which we can hardly contain it at all. Divine love has one attraction. But at the same time, it is also a balancing force that brings harmony within us, harmony with those around us, with Nature and with God. It is here throughout life, the same way the Sun shines on anything and everything, no matter what. The sun does not need any particular object to direct its rays, nor does it need our gratitude in return for its generous outpouring. It does not need to be controlled. It is not tied to human response.It will leave your free will intact to make your own choices.Divine Love pervades the entire Divine creation. It has one the effect is completely equal on sinners and saints. The difference is that the saints have “cleared the way and cleared the way” to receive it.Whether you realize it or not, divine love is all you want. You may think that you are looking for humanity, prosperity, abundance, social status, money or something else, but actually behind all these manifestations, there is a high ego. Your over is calling you from afar. His gift, you will find His love.

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Contrary to God, Humanity is possession. If there is an object (such as a person) to whom we direct our love, we step out of the River of Life and end our own transcendence.Human love requires receiving, in order to receive something in return.Whenever I feel human, it is never self-control. Although I can express love, I only do it if certain conditions are met. For example, my partner is behaving a certain way.If something is not self-sufficient, it cannot be Divine, because it is based on separation, duality and limitations. That’s why we say it is selfish. On the contrary, Divine Love has no borders, no limits, no conditions Read more: what is the prime factor 168 | Top Q&AI, mine, I, I want, I need, I like, I have, I don’t… those are phrases I tend to use often, whenever I’m not feeling divine love in my heart. As we discover this divine clarity in ourselves, we will be able to see it in others and love them as we love ourselves.I dare say that our humanity will get us nowhere. We will not make any real progress, no matter how many billions of people try to deceive themselves that their love for humans can bring them Heaven, or states of consciousness. higher. But how is that possible? Human affections are fleeting, memories deceiving, oaths unreliable. Who can love us without any oath, without any promise? Only Divine Love has all that.

Key points to keep in mind

  • God’s love is all-encompassing, it has no end. Divine energy is eternal.
  • When you experience divine love, you will see that there is no difference between a flower and a dog, between a human and another human being.
  • True love can only develop in deep meditation or in real prayer of love and benevolence.
  • Once experienced, Divine love will lead us to ever higher realms of eternal life.
  • God’s love stands behind all fatherly love, all motherly love; It is the most desired love of those who are in love.
  • The love of God is joy, because it can give and become what it is.
  • Your ego is constantly looking for opportunities to derail you from the path of the God of Love. Unless you have risen above illusion, self-deception, and false love of self, you will have no chance to join the flow of Divine love.
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Consciousness is not a passive force that will bring you into a state of your limited existence. It Actively active helps you to remove the veil of illusion, so that you can be free, if you choose to be free But one thing you cannot do is you cannot tailor the love of God to your needs. That’s not how things work. Divine love does not accept any terms or conditions. It won’t stop its flow to tailor specifically to you. It will help you to push your limits. You may also want to check out these beautiful quotes about divine love.


You can love someone in a divine way? Sure, but then you’ll have to love God in them, not themselves. And you will have to give them Full freedom. And you won’t expect anything in return. And you should never feel disappointed, angry, betrayed, upset, or hurt in any way because something went the way you didn’t expect or disapprove of. , it is very worthwhile. If you know how important that is then you won’t be wasting your time reading this post. You will actively seek it now, from deep within you. : What not to say to an advertising guardian

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