Where to find Titans in Anthem

Finding Titans in Anthem can be a game of chance, but it doesn’t have to be. Luckily, there are certain missions where you fight one (sometimes even three!) and locations that you can visit in Freeplay where your chances of spotting a Titan are much greater. .Read moreReading: anthem where to find giants

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These giant enemies are hard to miss once they appear, as they will start attacking as soon as you are within range, so it’s best to prepare a strategy. Even with their large size, you’d be surprised how hard they are to find if you don’t know where to look.

Where to find Titans in Anthem


There are a number of different activities that require killing the Titans, one of which includes crafting the Shield of Dawn. However, without a hint of direction, simply locating them can be a pain – but we’re here to help.

Free to play

Read more: where do guys like to be kissed | Top Q&AI If you haven’t played a quest that involves killing Titans, the fastest way to find them is in Freeplay. There are several different types of Titans scattered across the map. The first Titans series were tied to the “There Be Giants” event that took place during Anthem’s launch weekend in 2019, but we’ll still be able to locate them well after the event is over. Here are the locations on the map, as well as what the area looks like.

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Tarsis . Valley

This first Titan is the easiest to find and there are favorable positions for you to fight it if it shows up here. As soon as you exit Fort Tarsis and in Freeplay, head straight east to Tarsis Valley. Once you’ve reached the Tarsis Valley, look for a tall stone pillar. Titan will lie right next to it. However, be warned that Titan can still attack you with certain abilities if you’re standing on a pole.

Approaching the East

This next Titan can be found in the East Approach section of the map, which is fairly easy to locate. Once you’ve searched the Tarsis Valley area, simply fly east and around any mountains or obstacles until you reach the spot marked above. During the “There Be Giants” event, this Titan is known as the Havoc Titan, but the one the player encounters now is the standard Ancient Titan Ash.

Great Falls Gorge

If you can’t find anything in the Eastern Reach or Valley of Tarsis, you can try going further north on the map until you reach Great Falls Canyon. Here, there are mushroom-shaped structures that you can stand on while searching and to protect yourself from the oncoming fire. The location is also right next to a body of water, should you need to avoid detection or cool down your thrusters in a hurry.

Watch . Memorial

Read more: Where to catch Larvitar’s brilliant diamond Monumental watches can be a bit tricky if you’re visiting the Titan locations in order. Fly to the area just southeast of it near the Emerald Abyss and you’ll see a large lake. Look up at the nearby mountain and you’ll find a portal that leads you into the Monument Watch area. From there, head north until you see the large, circular pedestals overhead. This is where you can find Titan if it has spawned.

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Quest with Giants

You can quickly get the Corium. You can get access from Titans while moving through the main story without going to Freeplay. We picked Dax and did her quest first, then you can talk to Matthias. At Fort Tarsis, talk to him. You will have to fulfill your contract through different missions. You will fight Escari and Titans, receiving the reward of Corium. When you do Titans and Escare, you can get Corium. It will appear in thin air. It will take you to the next part of the story. It won’t take more than an hour to complete these tasks. You can gain the same bonus benefit by defeating Escari the same way you would with Titan.Read more: Baro Ki’Teer Void Trader – Everything you need to know Editor’s recommendation

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