Where can players find clay in Minecraft?

Clay in Minecraft is the root in the building blocks, finding clay is not difficult, it is also easy to earn. The player can use it to create a few blocks and bricks, which will become some craft items. sugar cane.

No where?


Clay can be found in two places: in the country and in the village.


Read more: Where the obama is located The overlay is whiter than sand in Minecraft and can be found in rivers, lagoons, and lakes, often in clusters. Sometimes, gamers can also find clay in ponds, clay can be discovered and mined in mesa biomes.

In the village

Villages in savannas, deserts, and plains can provide clay outside of mason houses. Some villagers will give free clay (Java Version) to Minecraft players with “Village Hero” promotion. This title will be obtained if the player resists the Pilager’s raid. The gifts that Java players will receive are many, and some of them are: armor, food, Redstone and tools. Players will receive a transaction discount in all versions of Minecraft if this title is granted.

How to get clay in Minecraft

Clay can be dug up without tools, but the fastest and easiest way to get clay in Minecraft is to use a shovel. This method will speed up the process and allow gamers to collect more clay, as they will be less tired and won’t have to leave to collect food or return to base. How to get the clay is entirely up to the player, their purpose and their position in the game.

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What is this used for?

Clay balls can be melted into bricks, which can create brick blocks and flower pots in Minecraft. Clay balls can also be made into clay blocks, which can be melted into terracotta. This item can also be found and dug from mesas in Minecraft. Brick and terracotta blocks are often used to build houses and other structures. They can add a bit of flavor to a basic building or create a completely different venue on their own.

Some other information about clay

If a Minecraft player uses a shovel with a silk talisman, they will receive stone blocks instead of clay balls. This can be placed under a block of notes to produce a flute-like sound when played. Read more: Where does the prince’s family live. Avatar

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