Where and How To Farm Neurodes in Warframe?

Where Warframe Videos Get Neurons: Auroras are an important resource in Warframe, and it can be difficult for newbies to find if they don’t know about the resource or the star chart. farm this important resource. Read: warframe where to get neurons Read on and discover how to find and farm neurons.

What are Neurodes?


This resource is used to craft Forma, cosmetic helmets, the latest Zephyr Prime System, Orokin Reactors, etc. This ingredient can be found on Earth, Eria, Lua, and Deimos.They are also commercially available for 10 Platinum. The permanent blueprint for crafting them is 100 Platinum, which is kind of a beginner trap as you can farm your own Nerves relatively easily even if you’re just wandering around and doing quests. service.

A simple strategy for culturing neurons

If you are having a hard time, try this method to collect Neurodes.Equip Nekros using Despoil Augment mod and go to Earth to do a Dark Sector excavation quest called Tikal. Take down every enemy and open every container. This will take about 15 to 20 minutes and you should be able to get at least 4 Neurodes (sometimes you can get more, other times less). second Dream quest). Go to Tycho or Plato and look for the Mystics that are blue and spawn Souls. With a team you can easily destroy them. You can also solve them on your own although not so easily. They tend to appear about 6 times in 10 minutes. Eliminate all of them to get at least 2 Neurodes. Remember to check Orokin’s cache as they sometimes contain Neurodes.

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Which neuron do you need to design?

Not many blueprints require Neurodes in Warframe, but you should keep them in your inventory as you need to use them to progress in the game and level up:

  • Exodia Epidemic: 5 (+45)
  • Exodia Contagion: 5 (+45)
  • Amesha Wings: 5
  • Rear: 6
  • Chroma Chassis: 2
  • Hek: 5
  • Chroma Prime Neuroptics: 4
  • Mirage Prime Neuroptics: 5

Warframe & the best weapon for culturing nerves

A good setup for farming neurons would be Desecrate Nekros, Tigris Prime, Slash pistol and Atterax.Read more: where to hide grass in your car | Top Q&A These are all slash weapons that work well with the Nekros Desecrate ability that doubles the loot at once. , and Orokin Derelict Survival offers a particularly good chance of finding Neurodes.

Where to raise Neurodes? Best Locations & Missions


  • Magnacidium (Deimos)
  • E-Prime (Earth)
  • Mariana (Earth)
  • Zabala (Eris)
  • Plato (Lua)
  • Apollo (Lua)
  • Tycho (Lua)

The most effective way to breed Neurodes is Plato (Lua), which guarantees the Characters to spawn in a few minutes. one or two Neurode in each run. If you’re a newer Warframe player, consider the Earth quests for Neuroptic Masses. This is the name of the Neurodes resource container. Enemies don’t tend to drop a lot of Neurodes here, so it’s better to focus on locating the containers to get them. quests, even Dark Sector – only about one in 20 minutes.

Orokin Derelict Assassinate

First of all, this is not a beginner-friendly method because it is more of a late game mission and requires a boss fight. can drop one Neurode from each end so you can get 3 or 4 Neurode per run. You need the Masterless Assassin keys for this mission created with the Lephantis Nav coordinates you get from the quests. Other Homeless Service.

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Tycho’s Survival Quest

Here is a simpler alternative to Orokin Derelict Assassinate.Read more: Where to order covid home test Oculysts appear every minute or two and call Conculysts and Battalysts on scan. This will increase the time you spend on the task. When you kill one of these people, you will most likely get a Nerve. Followers and Spiritists are hard to kill and can increase immunity against the type of damage you have. So if you spend about 20 minutes on Tycho’s Survival Quest you will get about 10 Neurodes or so if you are using the resource booster.

Tips to farm nerves

While beginners need Neurodes early in the game, they may not have access to Orokin or Derelict. can break the open mass. Then your companions can pick up the Neurodes. Because enemies don’t drain many resources on Earth, you should use your time to open the container and find Masses. Particularly effective compared to other methods. For Orokin Derelict Defense you need a team and you only get one Neurode after 30 waves or maybe 3 of them using Nekros. This is a difficult task. The same is true for Eris Survival and Defense, where the running Infested puzzle quests don’t yield many Neurodes, they don’t even drop in every mission so you can leave empty-handed.


Hopefully the strategies, tips, and tricks above will be helpful in your quest to collect Neurodes. This Warframe resource gathering will get easier as you gain more experience and practice. You are sure to find your own preferred method of raising Neurode in no time.

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