What to do after beating endwalker

Video What to do after defeating the endwalker After smashing for no less than half a year, I’ve completely caught up with the main story of Ultimate Fantasy XIV. I took credit to Endwalker over the weekend, and it’s been a whole new phase in my relationship with this major video game. However, since I usually just focus on the story, I haven’t really realized the details of… what else is on the market. So what the hell am I supposed to do now? After looking back at myself for a bit, this is what I ended up with.

Publish-Endwalker gameplay recommendations for Ultimate Fantasy XIV


There is a chosen deal type on this checklist, one that will match your expertise provided you get through MSQ quickly to catch up. That sounds a lot more special than it really is, thanks to the explosive growth of Ultimate Fantasy XIV over the previous few years. Many gamers started with or after Shadowbringers, and were racing against the clock to start the Endwalker saga when it came out. and the rest of Ultimate Fantasy XIV is international to you, listed below are some of the perfect actions to crack. In any case, it’s not just the duty aspects that are preoccupied with the price.

Clan Hunts

One factor that completely let me down when giving my method through MSQ was the Clan Hunt exercise. It’s easy to miss if you’re too focused on transitioning from Heavensward to Stormblood. And if you didn’t have a hard time joining your Grand Firm earlier, then you’ll definitely miss these, it doesn’t matter. However, if you are ending Endwalker strongly, you are strong enough to get through most of these and reap the rewards. This also gives you entry into issues like the Simple Prism of Seduction, so it’s a good suggestion anyway. At this rank, you will have the opportunity to do the hunt, “Let the Hunt begin”, outside your Dai Company Headquarters. This opens the hunt for the Company, the site where you should use forex on HQ to get interesting problems like uncommon minions. From there, head to Basis.

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Your next stop is the Forgotten Knight. Once you have completed the previous quest and are no less than stage 53, you can begin “Let the Clan Hunt begin.” As long as you meet the required level, you should be able to cycle through this quest line and end up with “Elite and Dangerous”. That’s the final requirement to join the rest of Ultimate Fantasy XIV’s questpoints Read more: 17mm in inches You can do a Clan Hunt in Basis, then you’ll be able to run to The Crystarium to be part of Clan Nutsy. Finally, you’ll be able to unlock Endwalker’s Battleship Hunt in Sharlayan before that. Each of those foraging organizations has its own list of rewards you can earn, from cool armor to things in your Charms Outfit to mounts and minions you just can’t find. in other place.

Miracle stories

How are some reasons to re-enter previous dungeons to earn more Tomestones and EXP? Check out Miracle Stories, a weekly e-book about goals you’ll be able to pursue and theme that works right here, get special rewards that can refer to work your fatigue. Talk to Khloe Aliapoh in Idyllshire and he or she will give you the quest book. Every Tuesday a brand new e-book goes on the market and it redeems the previous e-book if you choose it. In order to do so, you want Shadowbringers to crush, it is best that you learn this information by now! Search for “Fantastic Mr. Faux” in Idyllshire.

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Palace of the Lifeless

I really like the video game Thriller Dungeon, so that means I (for the most part) love Palace of the Lifeless. For a realistic change of pace, head to the South Shroud Mining Workshop and you’ll dive into a vast, ever-changing dungeon to gauge your luck, your expertise then add some lucky. You can team up with up to three different players, or go for it on your own if you’re brave enough. You start at stage one with special gear that can only be powered with loot that you discover right here. If that’s the case, you’ll be able to jump to Heaven on Excess Space in the Ruby Sea space, just like the Palace of the Soulless but harder. There are many rewards you will get from these actions, however, you will try to find them instead of shopping them for most actions. Alternatively, there could be an extra single shop NPC with some really cool stuff, and the pursuit of these items requires a lot of hard-earned progress.

Mounts, Minions and Glams!

Read more: What are the elements of 7There’s a lot of crap in Ultimate Fantasy XIV, however as everyone knows the ending is really The Match. There’s no higher method to showcase the sport than by actually showcasing the designer apparel assortment and visual paraphernalia like minions and mounts. One element that I’ve done since deleting Endwalker is simply going back and looking for alternatives to earn new beauty prizes. Simply try the list, the essentials and eliminate your self. A single henchman can lead you to a completely abrupt void in content, given how unhealthy you are and what you might have to do.

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Unsubscribe (now!)

Not for reality. When you have enjoyed Ultimate Fantasy XIV non-stop, maybe taking a break is a good suggestion. You don’t have to burn yourself trying to push yourself to be more interesting! Simply cancel your subscription, take care of various issues and be ready to return for the following great replacement. Yoshi-P himself instructed followers on this a lot earlier and he is the athletic director! On the important side, check this out, it’s wild. These are just a few options to fill your new-found non-MSQ free time in Ultimate Fantasy XIV. After all, existing content similar to the brand new raid will continue to roll out nicely. However, there is so much to see and do in Ultimate Fantasy XIV, you really don’t want to skip it all. Is there one thing you’d like to do more of than the actions I’ve discussed here? Notify me! You understand, ask a friend. Read more: What crystals can travel in water

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