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And no, they are not inoculants to prevent you from catching those dreaded bookworms. BookShots in fact, the brainchild of James Patterson, the man who sold more books than zombies playing Pokemon Go. They first launched last month and are literally popping up everywhere.BookShots is a very clever bit of marketing targeting today’s diminishing attention span. . In every sense of the word, novel. You know, not quite a short story, not quite a novel. For writers who think in terms of word count, fiction tends to settle in between 25-50k words. Novels, on the other hand, usually have 90 thousand words or more. Novellas has existed forever throughout the day and night. What’s new with BookShots is branding and usability.Read more: What happened to the insta drakes model It is often difficult to find print novels. They have become the darling of the e-book world. On the other hand, BookShots is being published in broad print, and I mean WIDE, distributed. They are designed for on-the-go readers who want a thrill or romance in a page or two. According to Publishers Weekly, in the first week of sales, BookShots sold more than 30,000 copies. Not too shabby. The first BookShots were written by James Patterson – Slash and Kill (a horror film about Alex Cross) and ZOO 2. These will be followed up with many more works by a wide range of different authors, all aimed at getting you on the pulse. I just discovered that there is also a romance line called BookShots Flames. I happened to see a copy of McCullagh Inn in Maine by Jen McLaughlin in a supermarket. Jen and I share the same rep, so even though it’s a romance (twisted in a suspenseful story), I had to pick it up and I’d be damned if I didn’t read it in two parts, just like Patterson promised. And I dug it. I also downloaded Zoo 2 on my Kindle, even though I never read Zoo or watched the TV show. I have to see what all the fuss is about. It’s fast-paced, fun. Those are two sweet spots for me.MaineI have to admit, I’m really excited about this. In my opinion, anything that gets more readers is a big win. As an author, I prefer to write novels. And I’m not alone. Most of the authors I speak to enjoy novels, both writing and reading them. There’s something about knowing there’s a limit but also having the space to explore characters deeper than you can in a short story or just break and let the roller coaster run free. I hope Patterson looks in the direction of the genre. Fiction has always been a big part of horror. Even today, there are good horror novels published weekly by people like The press is cut off, Sinister Grin, Deadite and many more. It’s great to see them printed at the airport, supermarket, or whatever bookstore you stumble across topqa.info. Do you think shows like Tales from the Crypt, The Twilight Zone, Tales from the Darkside and another half-hour of horror are so unsuccessful? Because horror is best when it’s short, twisted, and scary. Photos taken in print are slightly larger than mass-market paperbacks. Like a classic Goosebumps book. They feel very good in your hand. It’s the book crack at its best. I’m following BookShots. Could it be a game changer? We can only hope. The success of BookShots means more readers and better paying opportunities for writers. Everyone is happy, unless you are Captain Beatty. (extra money if you can name the book!) And James Patterson, if you’re looking for a horror writer that can take readers to dizzying heights within the warm confines of BookShots, give us a call. my representative. You already have her number. Read more: 4 5 is a percentage

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