what is the range of the secant function

The secant function we are talking about is defined as one of the reciprocal functions of our three fundamental functions. So we have cosecant is the inverse of sine, current is the inverse of the cosine, and cotangent is the inverse of the tangent function. Read: what is the scope of the secant function Read more: what does chloroform smell like In this mini lesson we will explore the world of the secant function. The journey will take us through functions, unit circles and angles, how to use them, and their various applications. end of page.

Lesson plan

What Do You Explain From the Graph of the Secant Function?

Read more: Preset What should I do in the summer The sine function is equal to the ratio of the hypotenuse to the base of a right triangle.

8. Which trigonometric function is an even function?

Cosine and secant are even trigonometric functions. Read more: What color do pink and yellow make?

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