what is the ph of milk of magnesia

The molarity value of hydrogen ([H^+]) can be markedly different from one aqueous solution to another. So chemists have defined a new scale that succinctly indicates the concentration of either of these ions. This is called the (pH) scale. A value range from 0 to 14 describes the acidity or basicity of a solution. You can use (pH) to quickly determine if a certain aqueous solution is acidic, basic, or neutral. PH is a logarithmic scale. A solution with a pH of 1.0 has 10 times [H+] as a solution with a pH of 2.0, which in turn has a pH 10 times [H+] as a solution with a pH of 3.0 or higher Read: what is the pH of milk of magnesia Figure (PageIndex {2}) illustrates the relationship between pH and hydrogen ion concentration, along with some examples of solutions different translations. Because the hydrogen ion concentration is generally less than one (eg (1.3 times 10^{-3}, M)), the log of the number will be a negative number. To make working pH easier, pH is defined as negative Diary of ([H^+]), will give a positive value for pH. Read more: Factor 300 | Q&A general formula to determine [H+] from the following pH:[H+] = 10 − pH Read more: What is a coiled spiderFigure (PageIndex {2}) Values ​​(pH) for some common materials with corresponding hydrogen ion concentrations, [H+] . Table (PageIndex {1}): provides typical pH values ​​of several common substances. Note that some foods are on the list and most of them are acidic. Table (PageIndex {1}) Typical pH values ​​of different substances * Material PH stomach acid 1.7 lemon juice 2.2 vinegar 2.9 soda 3.0 alcohol 3.5 coffee, 5.0 black milk 6.9 purified water 7.0 blood 7.4 sea water 8.5 milk magnesium 10.5 Ammonia solution 12.5 1.0 M NaOH 14.0 *Actual values ​​may vary depending on conditions

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