what is the molar mass of methane

When you study high school chemistry, you must have known about gas – one of the gases in the series of alkanes with important applications in life. Let’s review with VietChem the knowledge about What is methane?? What is it like and let’s learn more about its applications through the following article.

1. What is methane?


Methane or methane is a chemical compound with the chemical formula CH4. This is an in the class alkanes belonging to the series and is the simplest hydrocarbon. Methane is also a major component of natural gas, petroleum gas, pond bottom or marsh gas, so it is called marsh gas. Read: What is the molecular mass of methane gas? printing oil field processing, distilling coal gas.What is methane? Formula configurable methane

2. Some basic characteristics

  • Standard condition, methane is a quality air is not color, not aroma, not flavour
  • Isize temperature: -162 oC
  • Solidification temperature: -183 oC
  • Weight at normal pressure: 717g/m3
  • Burns very easily
  • In work, for easy identification, methane is often associated with small amounts of sulfur-containing compounds with strong odors.

Methane is very flammableMethane is a combustible substance Ammonia gas NH3 chemical and business applications

1. React with oxygen

When methane gas reacts with oxygen to produce carbon dioxide and water, this is also known as a combustion reaction. CH4 + 2O2 → CO2 + 2H2O

2. React with chlorine

Chlorine substituted methane produces methyl chloride in the presence of light CH4 + Cl2 → CH3Cl + HCl (gas) If the reaction continues with chlorine, the results are methyl halogic and halogenic acid.CH3Cl + CL2 → CH2Cl2 + HClRead more: What zodiac sign is January 6CH2CL2 + Cl2 → CHCl3 + HClCHCl3 + Cl2 → CCl4 + HClThis is a reaction with many stages, it is often called a halogen substitution reaction.

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3. Disertation Application

At temperatures above 1000 degrees Celsius, methane can be decomposed CH4 → C + 2H2Methane reacts with Cl2 when heated or reacts with Fluorine under normal conditions to give carbon black and acid gasCH4 + 2Cl2 → C + 4HCl To prepare methane There are many ways, but the master element uses some of the following methods:

  • Use aluminum carbide:

Al4C3 + 12H2O → 4Al(OH) 3 + 3CH4 (gas) Water can be substituted for HCl: Al4C3 + 12HCl → 4Al(OH) 3 + 3CH4 (gas)

  • For the reaction with caustic soda with CaO action at high temperature:

CH3COONa + NaOH → CH4 + Na2CO3

  • Direct feedback, using nickel as catalyst:

C + 2H2 → CH4 Read more: What is tlc in carsCO + 3H2 → H2O + CH4

  • Modification of methane from glucose:

C6H12O5 → 3CO2 + 3CH4

  • Automatic adjustment from gas
  • For the cracking reaction of alkanes with 3C or more:

C3H8 → CH4 + C2H4???????????? Preparation of Chlorine in the Lab: Equation + Diagram

1. In natural data

With its high heat capacity, methane is considered a natural important in the production of electricity, helping to provide natural heating or automobiles. Methane produces less CO2 than it does when burned.

  • Naturally used for ovens, homes or water heaters, furnaces, … with the mechanism of burning oxygen to generate heat
  • Use the data for the motor oto or at format Compression orized. Previously, coal methane gas was used in mobile devices, but required pure filtration mode or methane gas needed to be cleaned well, so regular maintenance and installation of filter accessories were required.
  • Played an important role in power generation when it was tested as a feedstock in gas turbines. In thermal power plants: using more coordinated natural gas to signal through and reduce the risk of environmental pollution.
  • In addition, in many places, methane is considered a natural gas used in kettles and cooking
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Methane is used in kettles and cookingMethane used in use in warming and cooking

2. Industrial weight

  • It is an important raw material for the production of hydrogen methanol or acetic acid and acetic anhydride
  • Use to acetylene and acetic anhydride

1. Confronting Humans

Methane is a toxic substance that is dangerous to health. It can cause burns and fires if the oxygen concentration is lower than 18% (due to methane’s ability to use oxygen). Methane is highly flammable and can react with air to form flammable products. Therefore, care should be taken when using methane

2. For Earth’s atmosphere

It is one of the documented gases, the greenhouse effect. Methane promotes the oxidation of water vapor in the stratosphere. This increase in water vapor creates a more greenhouse effect than the direct effect of methane. In 1998 the density of methane has increased by about 150% compared to 1750 with an average density on the Earth’s surface about 1745ppb. Currently, the atmosphere still collects about 400 to 765 x 1012g of methane every year. The above is the basic information about What is methane?its properties and applications. VietChem hopefully can help you re-read your memory or those who don’t know can understand more about a familiar gas attribute in our lives. Read on topqa.info to understand more about the substances that exist around us.???????????? What is Halogen?? Features and properties of prefix Halogen Related Search: – Where is methane gas Read more: What happened to kaneki in season 3

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