what is the formula weight of potassium carbonate?

Potassium Carbonate is a chemical that is quite common in life. But have some who knows out all the application of it. The following article summarizes the applications of potassium carbonate so that everyone can better understand this chemical. Read: What is the mass formula of potassium carbonate?

What is potassium carbonate?


Potassium carbonate or Potassium carbonate (chemical formula K2CO3, international name Potassium carbonate) is a salt (weak salt), white color, easily soluble in water (but insoluble in ethanol) formed into an alkaline solution .K2CO3 can be synthesized by reacting with KOH adsorbed with Carbon dioxide (CO2). Potassium carbonate (potassium carbonate) is a potassium base and is pure pearl powder. Historically, people produced pearl powder by heating potassium salt in a kiln to remove substances, the pure part obtained was pearl powder.

What are the properties of Potassium Carbonate?

1. Computational Physics

– Potassium carbonate has a molar mass of 138,205 g/mol– Density of K2CO3 is 2.43 g/cm3– Appearance: A solid, white, hygroscopic.– Melting point: Potassium carbonate has hot spot out at the 891 degrees Celsius (That’s 1,164 degrees K or 1,636 degrees Fahrenheit) – Solubility in water: at 20 degrees C The solubility ratio between K2CO3 and water is 112 g / 100ml, at 100 degrees C it This ratio is 156 g / 100ml.– Special: K2CO3 is insoluble in ice and acetone.Potassium carbonate is a white powder that is easily hygroscopic

2. Learning properties

As a salt of carbonic acid and a weak salt, K2CO3 has the following properties: – Reacts with stronger acids to form new ones such as acetic acid, sulfuric acid, nitric acid, selenic acid Read more: what is the square root of 240 | Top Q & A– K2CO3 reacts with lye to form salt– K2CO3 reacts with salt solution to form a new, stronger salt.– As a weak acid, K2CO3 is easily decomposed at high temperatures to release carbon dioxide.

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What are the uses of potassium carbonate in life?

In industry

– Glass products: use in output some special type as pipe optical glasses, television screens.– Potassium carbonate is used in the production of glass ceramics, explosives, analysis and in the soap industry. room, inorganic salt, wool… – K2CO3 also works to soften hard water.- Used in soap and glass manufacturing- When combined with water, Potassium carbonate creates an exothermic reaction, the product This works with water storage to make electricity safer for oxyhydrogen production than KOH, commonly used for power distribution.>> See more analysis What is Potassium ?? The role and benefits of the Kali operating system

In the lab:

K2CO3 can be used as a mild drying effect. Other agents such as calcium chloride and magnesium sulfate may be incompatible. Useful for drying a base if we have a small amount of acidic quality. Potassium carbonate is used as a catalyst to maintain anhydrous conditions in chemical applications without causing feedback with other substances. The primary quality application participates in the feedback process and the product is created.

Food weight:

Read more: What sound does peacock makeK2CO3 are used as a component of the output of the stone, a product of focus of the items in China and East South Asia.It is used to soften the intestines of beef. German Gingerbread recipes often use potassium carbonate as a baking author.

In over the documented:

The source of Potassium and has the effect of making the soil more CO2, profitable for photosynthesis, increases the starch content in tubers. Suitable for plants in acidic and unpretentious soils.bao-bi-potassium-carbonate1Potassium Carbonate Analysis Potassium carbonate is used as an effective analyzer to stabilize soil pH and reduce soil acidity from the house processor.

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Other uses of potassium carbonate

In addition, Potassium Carbonate has many great applications such as: K2CO3 is also an ingredient in welding quality and in information coatings on arc welding rods. Potassium Carbonate demanded by pets such as broiler breeders. Potassium Carbonate changes the properties of water, softening hard water is a characteristic of K2CO3, in addition it has the ability to remove dirt and filter water. Potassium Carbonate is also used as a dry fire extinguishing agent. You need to buy Potassium Carbonate. You are looking for a reputable company specializing in the supply of Potassium Carbonate chemicals. VNT Chemical, which we are proud of, is the first company in the business of distributing K2CO3 and other chemicals and classifications.>> Quickly order Potassium Carbonate – K2CO3 to receive many incentives from themRead more: What is the “It” factor? | Top Q&A

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