What is Steampunk Jewelry and How to Make it

Search Steampunk on Etsy and you’ll find over 295,000 results… and 175 million on Google. Just a few years ago, that number was just 70,000 on Etsy and 6.5 million on Google. OH. Needless to say, Steampunk isn’t going away anytime soon. If you don’t know how to make Steampunk jewelry, you need to know!

Anyway, what are Steampunk Jewelry?


Inspired by Jean’s list, I searched through my inventory and found these Steampunk-esque style wristwatch parts, skeleton keys, optical lenses, crystals, hinges etc. steam power was used, typically during the Victorian and 1800s. It was a romantic time full of art and beauty but also full of discovery and new technology, like invention. steam energy. The Steampunk movement aims to combine those two feelings. While it may seem like a new idea, the term was actually coined in the 1980s, and the work that led to the creation of the term (books, movies, even art) is even older. more – from the 1960s and 1970s. A large part of the popularity of this trend comes from sci-fi works set in the steamy era of Victorian England. Simply put, Steampunk is an industrial and mechanical “thing” with a polished and romantic – albeit somewhat absurd – Victorian look. Good examples on Wikipedia include “coal-powered flying boats, ornate submarines, and Victorian dialogue”. Like I said, unreasonable, but interesting! Read: what is steampunk jewelry

So Steampunk jewelry is…

What could be more Victorian than beautiful, elaborate jewelry? And what seems (at least initially thought) to jewelry is more nuts and bolts, watch parts, gears and small pieces of machinery, wire springs, metal stamping, and similar things? Wait… Wire springs and stamping metal? That’s starting to sound like a piece of jewelry, right? You bet.Read more: what is the square root of 42 | Top Q&AMaking steampunk jewelry is a fun experience. Learn how to make steampunk jewelry in this blog post!How many times have you seen something at an antique store, a yard store or a real estate and thought, “Wow, that’s beautiful, I can make jewelry out of it!” ? If you have answered many times, then you will probably enjoy making Steampunk jewelry. It’s an ideal jewelry style for those of us, who love to collect all those little pieces, are a very close cousin to multimedia jewelry. It is also popular with those interested in making jewelry with multiple rings and replacements. Steampunk jewelry is characterized primarily by metal components – welded, riveted, stacked, bolted or wired. It is also a mixture of opposites and contrasts: the heavy metal gears and bolts look like rusted mechanics and sparkle with intricate carvings and flowers. Jewelry made with watch parts, old skeleton keys, and other ephemeral pieces that were never intended for jewelry (but are well suited) for jewelry making is definitely Steampunk Steampunk-style Jean Campbell was envisioned and described it as “Jane Austen meets Mad Max.” Such luxury and romance, coupled with… non-romantic not so elegant! So it’s no surprise that there are probably as many ideas about what Steampunk jewelry is as there are watch parts to make it on on Etsy. In the excerpt below, Jean shares more about the definition of Steampunk style and the ingredients that come together to create Steampunk jewelry.

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Elements of Steampunk-style jewelry

by Jean Campbell Maybe your wardrobe is filled with coats, hats and mourning items. Or perhaps your style favors bold eyeliner, black extensions, and a holster for your ray gun. Or maybe, just maybe, you’re like me: Not fashion conscious, but a lover of jewelry to tell a story or carry a sentiment. In any case, Steampunk style jewelry will likely be your next big thing. Instead of nuclear-generated energy, Industrial Revolution-era mad scientists and time travelers lived in these novels running on steam power. This world is filled with brass accessories, steel gizmos, scroll toys, and glowing spheres. The buzz in the background is a rich flavor of all things Victorian: jet and other rich rocks, guest, silk and taffeta and charms. – Jewelry has sweat. Here are a few suitable Steampunk-style materials for you to choose from: You can use many different items to make steampunk jewelry!

  • Metal and chain detection: Most of the jewelry makers I know of have these in abundance in their studios. These materials marked the Industrial Revolution, where ordinary Victorians could suddenly purchase metal that was stamped, pressed and rolled into chains or cut into intricate carvings. Choose brass and bronze for your Steampunk-style jewelry.
  • Charms and guests: Queen Victoria is crazy about glamor and is a crazy collector of cameos, so they appear a lot in Steampunk-style jewelry. Combine textures like flowers, leaves, birds, insects, dragons, snakes, scales, sphinxes and religious symbols to become real Steampunk.
  • Glass: Using any glass in your Steampunk-style jewelry evokes the Age of Machines, a period rich with etched, ground, and cast glass. This is the first time in history that ordinary folk can afford such luxuries. For the look, use glass beads, glass domes and mirrors.
  • Rock: When you think about it, England in the Victorian era was a superpower and had trade routes all over the world. This spurred their trade with Asia, and thus materials such as amethyst, opal, turquoise, freshwater pearls, onyx, onyx, coral, carnelian, amber, jade , garnets, ruby, jet, sapphire, peridot, jasper and diamonds are more abundant in the UK than ever before.
  • About love: Closets of a loved one’s hair or a small painted portrait were very popular in the Victorian era. It’s easy to incorporate these sentimental pieces using photographs or other tributes.
  • Objects found: The most fun part of making Steampunk-style jewelry is working with found objects! This gives the time travel, mad scientist feeling I mentioned earlier. Choose from small metal watch parts, skeleton keys, movement parts, war medals, metal game pieces and the like.
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Eye-catching Steam Punk jewelry design

Do you have a bunch of loose buttons, a random typewriter key, a few lace gauges, or a collection of vintage-inspired charms? You will eventually have access to these odds and end. Once you’re interested in the designer to create your steak jewelry, lay out your finds and objects on the table. Start mixing and matching different pieces together to see which design suits your style and taste. Feel like something is missing in your design? Look around your toolbox, attic, or craft room for random pieces of jewelry that will complete your creation. As with any jewelry design, there is no right or wrong, only what speaks for you. And when it comes to Steampunk, the more eclectic and unusual, the better! Are you looking for inspiration? Browse our fun steampunk jewelry templates that are ready to be downloaded instantly. You’ll be able to fill your jewelry box with fun wire earrings, resin station necklace, leather cuffs and more in no time. They also make great gifts. | Top Q&A

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