What is smurfing and how can it lead to a ban?

What is video Smurfing in fortnite Today is full of challengers and smurfs which makes the game highly competitive, but somehow takes away the fun element of the game. For those unaware of the term ‘smurf or smurfing’ in online video games, it refers to a practice in which highly skilled and experienced players create new in-game accounts and abuse them. Use their knowledge to dominate new players.Also Read: Fortnite: Free PlayStation Bundle Now Available To All PS4 Users, Here’s How To ClaimRead: What is smurfing in fortnite Read more: What does chili powder taste like This creates an extremely toxic and unfair environment for new players who are just starting to play any game. Many developers recognize these exploits in the matchmaking system and have taken strict measures against it, and Fortnite is no different.

Can windsurfing lead to a Fortnite ban?

Right. Smurfs in Fortnite can lead to account bans. Formerly Fortnite pro player Aydan’Aydan‘Conrad was banned (on September 30, 2019) after using his new account to get matches easier. He killed 41 players in that match, which resulted in his ban.Smurfs are very bad practice, and professional players should always play below their skill level to win matches and get better.

Concerns about matching in Fortnite

Read more: 180 days ago, Fortnite players reported some changes to the game’s matchmaking system in the past, leaving them with tougher and more sweaty enemies. Some players, to get out of this high skill gap, create a new account and play with no worries. Slowly but surely, the game will feel more fair, and winning matches won’t be a chore. A complete overhaul of the matchmaking system will limit the proliferation of games in Fortnite and make the game fair for everyone.Also read: Fortnite: Where to ‘Dance 10 Seconds at Sweaty Sands’ – Week 4 Challenge GuideRead more: 20 cm in inches Avatar

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