what is shawn mendes favorite color

Source: Instagram Shawn Mendes is a Canadian singer who has taken the world by storm with his unique voice and captivating personality. Mendes became a famous face when he started posting covers of the song on Vine and has since amassed millions of fans worldwide and on social media. What is mendes’ favorite color?

How old is Shawn Mendes?


Shawn Mendes’ age is 23. His birthday is August 8, 1998. His zodiac sign is Leo.

Where’s he from?

Shawn was born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Shawn Mendes Real name

His full name is Shawn Peter Raul Mendes.

Shawn Mendes . family

The singer grew up in a traditional house with both her father and mother. His father Manuel Mendes is a businessman and his mother Karen Mendes is a Real Estate Agent.

Sister Shawn Mendes.

He has a younger brother – Aaliyah Mendes, an Instagram Star.

Shawn Mendes people?

A lot of people wonder if Shawn Mendes is Spanish or Mexican. He is white, his father is Portuguese and his mother is British.

Shawn Mendes’ height

Radio and Internet personality, JoJo Wright measured Mendes and stated he was 6 feet 2 inches tall. He weighs about 183 pounds.

Shawn Mendes’ girlfriend

Read more: What is the sifu-exclusive photo-mode cinema packageMendes has only been publicly linked to one woman. In October 2017, he began dating model Hailey Baldwin. They then split in March 2018.

His eye color

His eyes are dark brown.


Mendes attended high school in the town of Pickering, Ontario.

What language does he speak?

While only fluent in English, the male singer knows a bit of Spanish and French.

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Although he loves to eat vegetables, he hates tomatoes.

Shawn Mendes tattoo

He has 4 tattoos that we know of. In his hand he has a guitar made of trees, on his finger he has an Elephant, a light bulb with flowers on his arm and a sparrow in his hand.

Shawn Mendes’ Favorite Color

Although there are hundreds of colors that one can love, Shawn loves blue.

His exercises

Shawn has always dreamed of having the perfect body, six pack fit and participating in an extreme fitness regime to ensure his perfect body. His usual schedule is Monday for Legs + Cardio, Tuesday for Chest + ABS, Wednesday for OFF/Active Recovery Day, Thursday for Back + Cardio, Friday for Shoulders + Cardio, Saturday for Arms + Calves and Sunday OFF.

His dieting process

Read more: What is a Store Chief He has a strict diet to supplement his arduous training regimen. He eats lots of vegetables, eggs, meat, oats and other protein-rich foods needed to build and maintain muscle.


The singer has a wonderful voice and plays musical instruments including Guitar and Piano.

Debut album

His first official debut album ‘Handwritten’ was released on April 14, 2015, by Island Records. The 12-track album quickly reached number one in Canada, Norway and the United States, selling more than 14,000 copies in Canada and about 189,000 copies in the United States.

Appear on TV

Mendes made his feature film debut in 2016 when, as an actor, he guest-starred on the sci-fi television show The 100 playing a character named Macallan. track visits to the program.

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Before being famous

Before signing a solo recording contract, Shawn was a member of the MagCon Tour along with Nash Grier, Cameron Dallas, Jack & Jack, and other young artists.

Career goals.

Mendes has revealed that he would love to work with Justin Bieber, Logic, and Ed Sheeran in the future.

Brand Confirmation.

You can follow Shawn on social media at Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and on his official website: @topqa.info Read more: What is the average height of 13 year olds

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