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You may have come across tanned or chromed leather in the past, but did you know about latigo? This leather is made with both methods of tanning and shares the characteristics of both. Let’s take a look at how it’s made, what it’s used for, and why you might consider latigo products for your next purchase.

What is Da Latigo?


Latigo is the Spanish word for “whip”. This material is created from a combination of tanning processes. Coming from the best of two worlds, it offers great durability while also being very supple.

How Latigo Skins Are Made

Latigo leather is usually made from cowhide. It is first tanned, which involves soaking the skins in an acidic salt solution and then drying before further processing. Next, the plant is tanned by soaking it in a series of barrels with progressively higher concentrations of the tanning solution. Once the tanning process is complete, the hides are kneaded in large drums to absorb different oils and waxes. This makes them more supple and resilient, while retaining their durability.


Latigo leather is both durable and flexible, suitable for demanding activities and applications with rough use. It is resistant to moisture and perspiration, due to the high amount of oil it is infused with during the manufacturing process. As a result of this oil infusion and part chrome and part vegetable tanning, latigo is harder than full chrome but less hard than vegetable tanned leather. Due to its heavier weight and tanning process, latigo is more expensive than most other types of cowhide. It is inelastic and goes from rigid to supple and soft in a short time. Read more: What is drawing life? | Top Q&AHermann Oak Latigo Special07

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Traditionally, latigo is produced in burgundy, but it also comes in black, brown and red, as well as lighter colors. It ages and develops a nice layer of rust with time.

Latigo Leather products are commonly used for

Because of the qualities of strength, flexibility and durability, and resistance to moisture, latigo leather is used for products such as car harnesses, straps, belts, pet collars, leashes and winch. It can also be used for boots and bags.

Advantages of Leather Latigo

Latigo’s great strength and versatility comes from the tanning process and oil absorption in the finishing process. Although heavier than other leathers, it is also more resistant to moisture, more elastic, and softer to use.

Disadvantages of Leather Latigo

Once tanned and oiled, latigo is unsuitable for stamping, tooling, or patterning because the surface is too tough. It is also more expensive due to the more involved tanning process, which requires more steps.Uhl-House-Leather-Latigo-Standard-Belt-1

How to take care of skin Latigo

Read more: What is a neutral shampoo and when to use it? The best way to prevent this is to keep the skin from getting wet, and to use the latigo product only after the wearer’s skin and the product have dried. Alternatively, a water-resistant sealant can be used to prevent bleeding on contact with water. In addition, applying a small amount of balm containing beeswax will protect the surface and suppleness of the latigo skin.


Latigo is similar to both chrome tanned and tanned leather, as both processes are used in the manufacturing process. While chrome-plated leather is also supple and water-resistant, it lacks the durability and strength of latigo. It cannot develop a layer of rust like latigo can. Unlike latigo, vegetable tanned leather is ideal for tooling and stamping. Both types of leather are more expensive than chrome leather because the manufacturing process is more labor intensive.danner-mtn-pass-3

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You should choose latigo for products that require heavy use in harsh environments, such as dog collars and horse leashes. Considering the limitations of the tooling material, it is not suitable for some luxury items. In those cases, plant-tanned full grain hides would be best.

Other similar skins

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  • Chrome leather
  • Vegetable skin

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