What is inspiration? Find out and get inspired!

Therefore, what inspiration And how can you tap into it when you need to be inspired?Today, I’m going to share one of the ideas used by Pablo Picasso and Steve Jobs when they were looking for creative inspiration. I’ll also share a few tips of my own, but first, let’s briefly review the definition of inspiration.

What is inspiration?


Oxford dictionary definition inspiration such as: “The mental process of being stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative”. Usually we think of people being hit by a sudden burst of inspiration, so we treat inspiration as an almost coincidental feeling. When it comes to that dictionary definition, however, inspiration is a process. We become mentally stimulated (inspirational) to do something. For those who want to feel inspired, it is important to learn how to create an inspired state when we need it.

What is inspiration? Part 2: How to feel inspired

There is no single, designed way to make everyone feel inspired. That’s because we are all different and inspired by different things. You need to find out what works for you and one of the best ways to do this, is to think about what you have done in the last few times that you feel inspired. Consider where you are and what you’re doing, etc. Find any common elements and incorporate them the next time you need some ideas or inspirational answers. Here are just a few situations that trigger creative inspiration:

  • Some people find inspiration in books.
  • Some find inspiration in music.
  • Some people are inspired by being surrounded by nature.
  • Some people took a pad of paper and some crayons and started doodling.
  • Some people become creatively inspired when an internal or external deadline approaches. This is really exciting, because it shows how creative inspiration can really be fueled.
  • Some find inspiration through affirmations or positive self-talk.
  • Some find inspiration when they are doing some kind of physical activity. For me, walking is the best way.
  • Some find inspiration in designing an everyday item. (More on that for a moment.)
  • And others find all of the above to be to a lesser or greater effect.
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What is inspiration? Part 3: Have a purpose to be inspirational

As a potential source of inspiration, each of the situations above has something else in common. Can you guess what that is? It’s all under our control! Meaning, we can decide to take any of the above actions when we want to feel inspired. We don’t have to wait to be inspired. We can find the ones that work best for us, then develop a strategy to use them. So when we ask ourselves What is inspiration?, part of the answer is that inspiration is something within our own direct control. Read more: What to put in a toddler easter egg I find that I often get my best ideas on a walk. This Stanford study agrees. So I incorporated a daily walk into my routine. I always carry a tape recorder, so when I have an idea, I can record it. I write thousands of words a day, most of which are inspired by ideas captured during my walks. I also find that I get a lot of creative ideas when I’m with other creators, [problem solvers]“I write when I get inspired and I find that I get inspired at 9:00 every morning.” Peter De Vries That quote by Peter De Vries makes great sense. We can choose to help ourselves become inspired or we can become servants of inspiration. We can wait for the fictional muse to arrive or we can control and direct our own mind.

What is inspiration? Part 4: Great Artists Steal

Many people think that to be creative, their inspiration needs to come from a completely original idea; something that no one thought of before. However, when we look at the people who create the most amazing art, inventions and ideas, we see the opposite.Pablo Picasso Famous quote: “Great artists copy, great artists steal.” This phrase became popular again in 1996, when Steve Jobs repeated it in a PBS documentary called Triumph of the Nerds. In that interview, Jobs went on to say, “We’ve always been shameless about stealing great ideas.” What Jobs was talking about, wasn’t ripping up a piece of work and assuming you made it. Far away from it. He goes on to explain that he and his team will “come in contact with the best things humans have done,” and then try to incorporate them into something unique of their own.What is inspiration?A famous example of the kind of inspiration Steve Jobs is talking about comes from the creator of deodorant. with similar properties. As you know, deodorant has become one of the most popular hygiene products in history. This is about 80 years after John J. Loud invented the ballpoint pen, which inspired her. Read more: what is stray in minecraft | Top Q & AAn, an even better example is the invention of the tablet computer. The idea behind the tablet devices we see today, was inspired by at least 2 existing ideas: The clay tablet used 3,000 years ago and the laptop/computer Modern laptop. We should understand and embrace this idea, if we are to remove one of the greatest barriers to creative inspiration. We just have to remember that there’s a big difference between stealing an idea to create something new – and copying or cutting an existing one. Remember Picasso’s quote earlier: ‘…great artists steal’. They don’t copy!

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What is inspiration? Part 5: Create your inspiration strategy

It starts by intentionally tracking the things that inspire you the most. General writing. Then, incorporate them into your workflow, so you can get inspiration when it’s needed, rather than just when it just happens to happen.What is inspiration, what is inspiration?What is right for me? I incorporated a walking tour into my workflow when I discovered that’s how most of my best ideas come to me. I also learned that if I read my email first thing in the morning, I lose focus on creating. So my workday starts with a walk, followed by a commitment to writing 500 words or solving a problem, before I start on my email. make everything perfect and actively seek inspiration – do what works for us. Build a formula that works for you, then use it every time you need to do some creative work or find a creative answer. Don’t wait for inspiration. Deliberately encourage it.

What is inspiration? Part 6: Doing the job

In addition to inspiring ourselves to be creative, we also need to motivate ourselves to work on what we have created. A great idea sketched on paper is one thing – actually using the idea is another. We need to give our answers a chance to make a difference. This means we need to back them up with smart activity. What is inspiration? It’s something you control, allowing you to create your best work.

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