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What is a cc video in league of legends If you’ve been playing League of Legends for a while, terms like “CC” and “crowd control score” may be very familiar to you. But if you’re a newer player and you’ve just come under fire because you keep missing your CC throughout the game without even knowing what it means – don’t worry! Here we explain everything you need to know about CC and CC points in League of Legends!

What does CC mean in LoL?

Easy. As you have guessed, it stands for “crowd control”. And crowd control is a kind of ability to slow down or completely stop enemies. If we think about it a bit, we can see that many different skill types in League of Legends are technically considered CC. Malphite’s Q – Seismic Shard or Kog’Maw’s E – Void Storm both reduce enemy movement. Yes, they don’t completely “stop” that enemy, but their slow can be useful enough for Malphite or Kog’Maw to win a duel. And that’s why the slow is considered a CC in League of Legends. It reduces enemy movement, aka, it controls crowds. The next famous example would obviously be the stun effect. R – Ashe’s enchanted crystal arrow actually stops the enemy from doing whatever he’s doing. And the same goes for the remaining stun skills. Read more: What the stars look like up close But in League of Legends there are so many different CC types and sometimes you can’t tell them apart unless you know the spells by heart. . A famous example here is Malzahar’s R – Nether Grasp. His ultimate is actually a crowd control, not a stun. So you can pick a Makeup Remover and try to get rid of it, but you won’t because Cleanse removes stun and slow, but does not suppress. It’s important to understand if you want to be a better player in League of Legends. There is a similar case with aerial possibility. Yasuo’s Q – Steel Storm can send you to the sky and you won’t be able to do anything against it. And it makes no sense to buy Quicksilver Sash either because it doesn’t override the effect. It means Quicksilver Sash will not disable aerial abilities.Ahri’s E – Charm or Seraphine’s R – Encore can enchant a slow, incapacitated and moving target at the same time. This is called the seduction effect and can be easily removed using Cleanse or QSS.And the same goes for the sleep effect, which can really only be found on two champions (excluding Sylas). E – Zoe’s Sleep Bubble and Lilia’s R – Lullaby are the only two abilities of this type in LoL. First, they put the target into a slow state, called drowsy, then a few seconds in a stunned state, they fall asleep. However, they can be eliminated relatively easily in both of those stages.

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What is the point of crowd control in LoL?

Read more: Barley (जौ) | Top Q & AA Applying CC skills in League of Legends generates crowd control. CCS is simply a calculated number of how long you keep your enemies stun, slow, root, etc. But crowd control is different for every champion and every ability type. CC, so some champions can hit it faster, and In general, a champion that can easily put another champion in CC will generate a lower CSS count than a skill-based champion. For example, whenever Nocturne activates his ultimate, 5 enemies will be blinded by default. And because players like Nocturne don’t do anything special, that ability adds smaller numbers to the score. But on the flip side, if Morgana keeps hitting her Q throughout the match, she’ll have a crazy CSS late game. Every additional second of seducing, oppressing, sleeping or any other CC will count towards the final score. To better understand what you should be aiming for, here are general examples of the good, the bad, and the excellent crowd control scores:

  • Anything between 500 and 700 is considered fine or fine.
  • Anything from 700 to 800 is very good, even excellent.
  • And anything above 800 is professional standard.


Crowd control is an essential element to the entire game, not just League of Legends. But because LoL is such a fast-paced game, even a single second of CC might be too much for most champions and players. Many matches are decided by hitting such a skill on the right target at the right time, then everything else falls apart. Many say that CC is the key to winning more games in League of Legends. And the idea is simple – if you keep your enemies in place for a long time, you will disable them from the game. And while they can’t do anything, you can overpower them and claim victory. We 100% agree with this point of view and we recommend using your crowd control as much as possible! Read more: What happened to dave attell

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