What is Browser_broker.exe and Is it Safe or Virus?

Windows system files are mostly a mystery to any ordinary user. Ideally, computer users will rarely interact with these files. Some may notice it when checking running processes in task manager. Advanced users are probably familiar with most of the files and their functions. However, more often than not, such files and their functions can be a source of confusion for users. They are intended to deceive users and avoid detection from anti-virus and anti-malware programs. One such file that causes confusion is topqa.info. Let’s take a closer look.

What is Topqa.info?


Browser_broker.exe, and the process associated with it, belongs to Microsoft’s Windows Operating System. It usually activates while Microsoft Edge is running. topqa.info is located in the C:WindowsSystem32 folder. It’s usually not visible to users unless they check the Task Manager. Also, it rarely consumes a significant amount of resources, it should be noted that topqa.info is only known to run alongside Microsoft Edge. There are rarely any warnings regarding this part of the program. Furthermore, Microsoft Firewall rarely gives any red flags about topqa.info because it works in conjunction with the operating system’s native browser. However, there are some cases where topqa.info affects the user experience.

Dangers of topqa.info

topqa.info itself is not a harmful file. In fact, it is an essential system file required for Microsoft Edge to work. There will be problems associated with this executable though. Operating system related issues such as a corrupted Windows registry key can affect topqa.info. It can be caused by faulty operating system settings or problems during updates and upgrades. In addition, another program may mistakenly delete topqa.info. Any of these will lead to an error prompt or even a problem with Microsoft Edge. One notable case is when malware intentionally deletes or corrupts topqa.info. The malware’s goal is to copy or mimic the behavior of the executable. It will try to fool users and possibly security programs by pretending to be a system file. Such active malware is quite difficult to detect without the help of security programs.

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How to Check if topqa.info is a Threat

Careful observation of your system will often reveal strange behavior if a piece of malware is currently infecting it. As mentioned above, topqa.info consumes almost no resources. The use of memory and other computer resources suddenly spikes. Also, topqa.info should be placed in C:WindowsSystem32 folder where all system files are stored. If it’s outside of the Systems32 folder, it’s likely some form of malware. To check the location of topqa.info, do the following: Open Microsoft Edge, as it is usually the program that launches the aforementioned executable. Launch Workflow management by right clicking on your taskbar. Choose Workflow management.Below Procedure tab, search Browser_broker. It is usually found in the Microsoft Edge process. Click the arrow on the left side of Microsoft Edge. It will reveal the processes it uses including topqa.info. If not, look for Browser_broker in the list of processes.process 1Right click on Browser_broker. Choose Open file location. It will open the location of the program file. And, it will open system32 folder. If not, you will need to scan your system for any infections by following the steps in the later part of this article.location file 2

How to troubleshoot topqa.info

Avoiding and fixing topqa.info-related problems, whether legitimate problems in the operating system or caused by malware, requires a clean and healthy computer system. Here are some steps you can take:

Disk Cleanup

You can perform Disk Cleanup to remove any temporary files in your computer. Just press the Windows key and the ‘ characterQ‘ at the same time. Type ‘cmd‘ in the search box.type cmd 3Right click on Command prompt and choose”Run as administrator. ”run as administrator 4inside Command prompttype command clean. Then press enter.cleanmgr 5Select the disk that you want to clean up in the pop-up window. Follow the prompts to proceed with Disk Cleanup. Note that Disk Cleanup may take several minutes.clean up the 6 . disk

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System File Checker

After Disk Cleanup you can use System File Checker to check Windows files for errors and recover damaged files. On the Command Prompt, type “sfc / scannow“. Then press enter.scannow 7Just like Disk Cleanup, System File Checker will take a few minutes.

General computer cleaning

Uninstall any programs that you no longer need. This is especially important if you are using a laptop that comes with some bloatware. As a general rule, if you haven’t used an app in the past 6 months, you should delete it. Also check what applications are running during startup. Open Task Manager as you did above. Go Start up navigation. Check which apps are needed at startup. To disable a program, right-click it. Then click Disable from the drop-down menu.start 1 8For more information on how to maintain a clean and fast computer, follow the steps in this article.

Updated frequently

No operating system is made perfect. That’s why it’s important to install updates and patches. You don’t have to worry about this because Windows 10 will automatically download and install updates automatically. It is important that you follow the update instructions if available. Additionally, you may want your operating system to complete the update process before doing any other work on your computer. This avoids any incomplete or corrupted updates that may affect system files like topqa.info.

Scan your computer regularly

In addition to problems in the operating system, malware and other threats can exploit system files like topqa.info. They can cause system files to malfunction. More importantly, hackers can tamper with these often unnoticed files to get into your system. Once the reward is on your computer, it can communicate with the attacker’s server, gather information, and even hold your computer for ransom.22 9MalwareFox is a great choice for both real-time scanning and protection. It scans your system in less than 5 minutes through its Smart Scan function. It will check all the important areas, including your system files. In addition, MalwareFox provides an effective real-time protection measure. It analyzes your browser for any threats. It also evaluates any files on your system that may be behaving like malware. This stops threats even before they can cause damage. MalwareFox protects your system from new and known threats.

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It’s very rare to have problems with system files like topqa.info. As it is currently, it hardly uses any resources. Moreover, if you are not a regular user of Microsoft Edge, you will rarely see this process. However, in case of any problems, the steps above can help you avoid serious problems on your computer.

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