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Video What is Ashiatsu massage Ashiatsu is a massage technique that involves applying the practitioner’s feet, not hands or arms, to the patient’s body. In Japanese, ashi means foot, and atsu means pressure; So it is literally understood as foot pressure. Reading that, you may be apprehensive about being treated with Ashiatsu. You may wonder if walking on your back will be excruciating, painful, or even scary. Don’t worry, though! Ashiatsu therapists have full control over how your body is treated, and the massage is tailored to your needs just like a deep tissue massage or a Swedish massage. So what should you expect from an Ashiatsu massage? Read: What is ashiatsu massage

What to expect during an Ashiatsu massage

Before your session, you’ll receive a pre-workout consultation so that your therapist can determine your body’s needs and goals. Depending on those things, you may be asked to undress or remain fully clothed. If your session will involve the use of lotion and a glide technique, you can remove at least some of your clothing; With that said, you’ll get the most comprehensive treatment if everything is removed, as your glutes can really benefit from some Ashiatsu gliding! If your session only involves compression and stretching, you may be dressed for the entire session, giving the massage a therapeutic feel.Read more: what color for a 90th birthday | The leading Q&AA with most massage modalities, Ashiatsu is performed on a flat massage table. You will most likely be asked to lie face down for most of the session, with some time spent on face up. And no, you won’t get stepped on your stomach when you face up! A supine Ashiatsu massage usually includes leg stretches or shoulder presses, but you’ll get beautiful glides on your arms and thighs/calves! So go back a few steps immediately after the previous consultation. After you’ve had time to reposition yourself, your therapist will return to the massage room to begin your treatment session. You’ll be securely covered, but expect a little more exposure on each side of your body than during a deep tissue or Swedish massage (check out the video I posted below to see this cover). Ashiatsu massage with gliding techniques, the session can begin with the application of lotion or oil. This may be the only time the therapist puts his or her hand on your skin. If you are fully clothed, the session will begin gently with compression. After the introductory movements, the therapist will hang from your body using ropes or rods attached to the ceiling. The device installed above allows the therapist to balance himself and control the amount of body weight applied. The trainer will allow the heel, arch, and ball of the foot to sink into your muscles, and from there you will be able to deliver the right amount of pressure. As with any massage, you will have areas of your body that may be subject to more pressure than others. So always talk and be honest about what you need. Certain parts of your body, such as your shoulders or calves, may be stretched or compressed while the therapist sits on a stool and pushes their legs into that area.Here’s a great video of an experienced Ashiatsu therapist at work! The narrator mistranslated the word Ashiatsu, but everything else here is fixed! If you’re like me, the way this therapist moves will encourage you to book your Ashiatsu massage first!

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Benefits of Ashiatsu massage

  • Pain relief
  • Reduce stress
  • Increased flexibility
  • Improve your posture
  • Increase circulation
  • Enhance athletic performance
  • Promotes a good night’s sleep

Ashiatsu massage offers the same benefits as a deep tissue massage. Ashiatsu, however, can provide the deepest pressure that massage can provide, although it is by no means obligated to do so. If you are one of those people who enjoys pressure very deeply and you still haven’t found a therapist who can go that deep, give Ashiatsu a try! As an avid fan of deep tissue massage with extreme pressure, I have learned from experience that Ashiatsu is amazing!

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