What Is An Epimer? – Definition In Chemistry & Examples

Definition of an Epimer

First, we need to know that stereoisomers are pairs of compounds with the same chemical formula and the same atomic bonds, but they differ in their three-dimensional orientation. Imagine if you had two shapes, a triangle and a square, both of which had the same volume and were both made of the same wood. They are similar in the sense that they both have the same weight and they are made of the same materials, but they are two different three-dimensional shapes. from each other by configuration in one of the stereo centers. The stereocentre or stereocenter is a carbon atom that has four different atoms or groups of atoms bonded to it. Consider an example of a molecule called ephedrine, which is used to fight low blood pressure and treat asthma. Notice how the carbon atom marked number one is bonded to the hydrogen, alcohol group, benzene ring, and other carbon atom. Similarly, the carbon atom marked with number two is bonded to hydrogen, nitrogen, a methyl group, and another carbon atom. Both atoms marked one and two are classified as stereocentres because they contain four different groups bonded to them.

Example of Epimers

Read more: Main advantages of type iv pfd Let’s take a look at some specific examples of epimers to better understand how to recognize them. Glucose is a common sugar that circulates in our blood and is sometimes referred to as blood sugar. There are two forms of glucose, and the two differ only in the relative configuration of a single -OH group. invalidIn the alpha version of glucose, the -OH group, marked in red, points downward, and in the beta version, the -OH group similarly points up and to the right. Note that all the other -OH groups in glucose are exactly the same regardless of whether it is the alpha or beta form. They differ only in a single stereocenter – that’s what makes them disappear! Read more: What time do the oscars start

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