what is a group of vampires called

123rf / Andrey Kiselev Hear interesting facts about this blood-sucking fictional creature. Read: what is a group of vampires called

Come in


mouse Image source: chrisinplymouth on Visual Hunt / CC BY-NC-SA Legend has it that the only way vampires can enter a house is by being invited inside (so you might want to bring that Welcome mat. on Halloween night! ).

Not just bats

a field of pumpkins Some legends have it that a vampire can transform into a bat, an owl, a mouse, or even a wolf whenever it wants to.

Vampire Pumpkin

a man in the woods looked in the mirror and didn't see a reflection Image source: Muffet on VisualHunt / CC BY In some parts of southeastern Europe, it was once believed that pumpkins or watermelons would turn into vampires if left out for longer than 10 days.

How to spot a vampire

a bunch of raw garlic 123rf / captblack76 What do some people think is the sign of a vampire?

  • They have very sharp fangs.
  • They look very pale and have no reflector.
  • Their eyes can put humans into a trance, so they obey the vampire’s orders.
  • They never age and can live forever.
  • They sleep during the day, often lying in coffins.
  • They love to bite someone’s neck to drink their blood!

Anti-Vampire Potion

Read more: What is the name of farro seeds? still from the movie Dracula Image source: Muffet on Visual Hunt / CC BY If you think you might know a vampire, you can keep them away by staying in the sunlight and wearing garlic. They really don’t like either of those.

Famous Vampires

CBC Kids | Play games, watch videos, explore Count Dracula You may have heard of the most famous vampire – Counting bats – who is said to be based on a real medieval prince named Vlad of Wallachia (historical region of Romania). Another family of vampires owns a hotel for monsters – Hotel Transylvania. At this hotel, Count Dracula runs the day-to-day operations with his daughter Mavis. And let’s not forget about vampires who have a bad case of arrhythmia (which is a strong need to account for everything). Count von Count just couldn’t help counting everything he saw on Sesame Street.

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Do you know?

  • A group of vampires called clutch, parent, package or family.
  • Are from vampire comes from the meaning of the Greek word drink.

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