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What is a dry sink?Dry sinks were a popular piece of furniture in homes before the invention of indoor plumbing. Designs vary, but generally a dry sink consists of a cabinet with a slightly recessed top, made to hold a basin and water pitcher. of the dry sink is made to hold any spilled water along with the items on top. This would essentially include fruit and vegetables if the dry sink is in the kitchen or porch, and shaving supplies or other toiletries if it’s in the bedroom. The cupboard is a convenient place to store supplies out of sight. Towels, scrubbing brushes, and soap can all be put away but are still available. Because it is not connected to any plumbing, the dry sink can be used anywhere as a decoration, as well as providing a little extra storage space behind the door of the area. cabinet. is a pot and a pitcher to restore it to its original purpose if you want to add a little realism to your country decor! Sawdust City manufactures two sizes of dry sinks. 3 ft dry wash basin. Ours includes two cabinet doors on the front and our 2 ft dry sink. There is only one door.Read more: what is oyster pecking | Top Q&Ashakerhutch-drysink-1.pngBoth sizes have a raised lip around the upper surface. As with all of our products, the Sawdust City dry wash basin is made from solid knotted pine, with a sturdy construction with screws, not air nails. They come in over 40 colors, 2 finishes, or stain and natural poly options. Our products are created with pride in our small store in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. We manufacture furniture for use, not just for decoration! You can feel confident buying a Sawdust City dry cleaner, knowing it will last for years to come. Read more: What are the zodiac signs for March 18.

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