What Is A Digipak & How Can I Make One?

What is Digipak Video CDigipak discs are used by artists and brands around the world to provide fans with a limited edition product, but what are they?Simply, CD digipaks are a commonly used printed card packaging for CDs and/or DVDs. Digipak, made from cardboard, has a plastic holder inside that can hold one or more discs. The disc is held in place through a plastic tray (flexi tray), which is glued to the digipak.

What is Digipak?


digipak cdA digipak is the same form and size as a standard Jewel CD Case, however it is made mainly from eco-friendly board. The difference with digipak is that the CD wallet/jacket has a plastic tray for the disc to attach to – it’s a sturdier product overall. disc with error correction code. Fifty years later, these discs are a core part of 21st century life. Digipak CD packaging features an outer shell made from a custom-made cardboard. In it, there is one or more plastic trays that can hold CDs.

Different Digipaks

You will be surprised how many decoding tools there are! Here is an overview of the types of decryption tools available.

4 Digipak consoles

digipak cdIt is the most popular product, is the standard 4-panel digiPak CD, and has replaced the Jewel case in popularity for albums.

6 Digipak consoles

digipakPanel 6 has an additional panel that allows you to position the tray on the center console or the right panel – whichever works best for your design. You can also choose console 8 or console 10, which are a bit rarer, but mean your album will stand out.

Paperfoam CD Digipak

paperfoam digipak cdPaperfoam Tray Packaging replaces flexi trays with 100% biodegradable trays. Foam paper CD packaging has an 85% lower carbon footprint than traditional plastic CD packaging.

How much does a Digipak CD cost?

moneyCD diggers provide a stylish, modern way to display CDs without sacrificing professionalism, and they are relatively inexpensive. You can get 100 CD digipaks for £240. This is just £20 more than 100 Jewel Case CDs (priced at £220)!

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Digipak vs Jewel Case

CDRead more: Elements of 63 There are several differences between digipak and jewelry box. Digipak can be defined as a type of CD packaging usually made from cardboard with a plastic holder inside for one or more discs. Linked to the Jewel CD Case, the first affordable compact disc storage method, digipak’s outer cardboard frame provides extra sturdiness. With digipaks, because they have more sides, artists have the freedom to put more things into them, for example, some artists put lyrics or a personal thank you into them. This is not always possible on CD cases due to lack of space. Unique artwork (related to CDs) can now be printed onto hardcover, used as an expression for musical artists. preferred by major label artists because it unfolds like a book, giving the buyer a better experience than just appreciating a CD.

How to create Digipak

david guetta cdCreating artwork for CD copying or cloning is not always straightforward, you have to consider offsets, margins, DPI, etc – this may not be obvious the first time you do it. First, make sure you include the following in your digipak:

  • Album name
  • Artist’s name
  • List of songs in the album
  • Barcode
  • Record label
  • Copyright label
  • Illustration
  • Disc holder
  • Maybe some lyrics

Here is a step-by-step guide that you should follow to prepare your artwork:

1. Photoshop & Templates

Open your Photoshop software and use a template (you can find examples online). When you load the template, on the right side you can see the classes section. This is where you’ll stack each panel of your artwork on top of the other. very important in the preparation stage.

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2. Import your artwork table

You need 4 panels: front, back, inside left and inside right (located under the tray). You’ll see the front panel open as a separate Photoshop file, on a separate tab. You want to change the view so that the image can be copied into the template file, click on your artwork panel, move it to the templates tab and drop it. Your artwork panel should be much larger than the template size. It means it’s in high definition, better for printing. Read more: What is the first length or width | cta-link type = ‘music-promotion’ |

3. Resize the panels to fit the template

With the artwork layer highlighted on your keyboard, press “Ctrl” and “T”. This will show you the entire dashboard even if it’s outside of the template. While resizing, hold down the shift key to make sure you don’t change the structure of the panel. Remember that the artwork panel must cover the red lines. The red lines indicate bleeding areas and folds.

4. Bleeding Test & Locator

Make sure all visors are covered with red bleed lines. To do that, move the template class. This will show you precise elements that are too close to the edge or artwork that doesn’t cover the bleeding lines.

5. Turn off Templates

As you mount the artwork panels onto the template, you can frequently switch between the pattern on and off options. You can also turn off the template by clicking the “eye” icon.

6. Export as PDF

Now with the template disabled, you can export the entire artwork to a .pdf file. Make sure your artwork is in CMYK (print mode) and you are happy with the colors because CMYK mode won’t show very prominent colors. . You can check if the artwork is in high resolution by going to Image and Image Size in the top menu. You will see their Resolution tab. Artwork must be at least 300 pixels/inch in size. Once your artwork is complete, you can print it out, then you can make your diggings ready for distribution.

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Now you know everything about Digipaks!

digipakHere you have it! Now you are a digipak expert! Now that you know everything about digipak and how to create your artwork, it’s time to get creative. Create a digipak that will stand out and encourage your fans to buy it! Let us know how you get the comments and remember to tag us if you post your creation on social media! We hope that you enjoyed this article. While you’re here, why not check out some more helpful tutorials on our blog, such as What’s a Preset List & How to Make One and DIY Tours.

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