What Is 3 4 In Decimal Form

In this fun little lesson, we’ll learn how to convert 3/8 as a decimal. In doing so, we’ll also explore other fraction-to-decimal conversions, such as 3/2 as a decimal and 1/10 as a decimal. You can check out the interactive quizzes to learn more about the lesson and try out some of the fun Practice Questions at the end. Read: What is 3 4 in decimal Before we begin, let’s see what Mr. Mike is confused about. Mike asked John, “Can you please tell me which is smaller, 3/4 or 0.34?” John doesn’t know anything because both numbers don’t have the same form. form i.e. both in decimal or fractional form.Let’s see how to do that.

Lesson plan

The word “Decimal” is derived from the Latin word Decimus means one tenth. The decimal system with base 101/10 is a decimal which means 0.1 and 1/100 represents 0.01 When we convert a fraction to decimal, we convert it to a denominator number 1. So the numerator has a decimal point in it. The decimal form of (dfrac {3} {4},) is 0.75

Visualize 0.75

Look at the square grid with 100 squares. Each square here will represent the fraction (dfrac {1} {100}) 0.75 = 0.5 + 0.250.5 = 0.50 means 50 out of 100 and 0.25 represents 25 out of 100imagine 0.75Continue learning methods to convert 3/4 to decimal. The fraction (dfrac {3} {4},) can be converted to its denominator 1 by finding its decimal form. Read more: What does Super gremlin mean decimal recognition of (dfrac {3} {4},), there can be many different approaches.

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Method 1

In this method we use long division.convert fraction to decimalHere, the numerator = 3 and the denominator = 4. Divide 3 by 43/4 as decimal - long division step1We get a remainder of 3 on division. So we keep dividing until we get a remainder of 03/4 as decimal - division step is 2 . longA decimal point is placed after the 3 and we add a zero to continue dividing. This also introduces a decimal point in the quotient after 0. Now, we have a remainder of 30 .[4times 7 = 28] and, [30-28=2]Remainder = 2. So we keep dividing, add another zero after the decimal in the divisor and lower it to make a remainder 20 now.division length 3/4 as a decimal(4 times 5 = 20) and (20-20 = 0) Remainder = 0. So we stop dividing. The quotient for the decimal form of (dfrac {3} {4}). (Dfrac {3} {4} = 0.75text {Decimal})set the value of digits in 0.75We can use this method to convert any fraction to decimal Example: Try to represent fraction 3/8 as decimal Read more: Percent of 0.5Numerator = 3, Denominator number = 8 Use long division.decimal form of 3/8We achieve, [dfrac{3}{8} = 0.375]

Method 2

Another method is to convert the fraction to a fraction equivalent to the denominator in the form of a power of 10 .Example: Consider (dfrac {3} {2}), we can express 3/2 as a decimal by converting it to a fraction equivalent to the denominator 10begin {align} dfrac {3} {2} &= dfrac {3 times 5} {2 times 5 } &= dfrac {15} {10} &= 1.5end {align} In fraction (dfrac {3} {4}), denominator = 4 We need to find a multiple of 4 that is a power of 10 a power of 10 is 10 not a multiple of 4. So let’s look at the second multiple, i.e. 100, which is a multiple of 4convert 3/4 to decimal using scalebegin {align} dfrac {3} {4} &= dfrac {3times 25} {4times 25} &= dfrac {75} {100} end {align} Now observe that there are 2 zeros in the denominator . there will be two digits after the decimal part of the numerator. (dfrac {3} {4} = 0.75) We can even convert a decimal to a fraction. For this we consider the number of digits after the decimal.Example: Take 0.15, with two digits after the decimal.begin {align} 0.15 &= dfrac {15} {100} &= dfrac {3} {20} end {align} Read more: Go what shoes with jeans mom

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