What Happened to Adam on THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS

Adam Newman in THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS is a core character of a core family who’s been through a lot of drama in his life, so it’s no surprise the soap took him back from the dead more than once! The character was first introduced in April 1995 when Adam was born, although after two years he left town with his mother to return to a full adult in 2008 played by Chris Engen. After a year, Engen decided to leave Y&R, so the film will reprise the role with Michael Muhney. After leaving in 2013, Adam was absent for a while before Justin Hartley was brought in to take over from 2014-16. And now, Adam was brought back once again when actor Mark Grossman stepped into his shoes in May 2019. In 2008, on her deathbed, Hope revealed the truth that “Vic” was actually Victor’s son. Despite agreeing to move to Genoa City and work at Newman Enterprises, Vic begins to take the name Adam Newman and comes into conflict with his newly discovered siblings. When Victor is presumed dead, Adam takes over the business and fires his siblings. He also convicted Jack Abbott of murder, but when Victor came back alive, Adam sentenced himself to prison. Heather Stevens, who he was dating at the time, noticed Adam’s eyesight was impaired and worried that he might inherit his mother’s blindness. After Adam was brutally assaulted in prison, Victor downplayed the crime.“Adam, that color doesn’t suit you.” Aaron Montgomery / jpistudios.com Adam keeps plotting, befriending Ashley Abbott so he can surprise her. After causing her to fall and miscarry Victor’s child, Adam blackmailed her doctor to tell her the baby was still alive. When Rafe Torres tried to investigate, Adam seduced the lawyer to distract him. Ashley is admitted to the same mental hospital where pregnant Sharon Newman is also staying, allowing Adam to steal Sharon’s child and give it to Ashley. He later pursues a relationship with Sharon, but that naturally falls apart when the truth about the child switch is revealed. Adam got out of prison with the help of Patty Williams and was presumed dead in an explosion at a masquerade ball, but Adam lived and married Skye Lockhart before moving back to Genoa City, where he was hides his tracks from Patty before flirting with Sharon again. When Adam was accused of killing Skye, Sharon tracked her down in Hawaii, where the woman fell into a volcano and died for real, leaving Sharon to blame for her death! Adam helped Sharon bypass town and evade the law while trying to prove her innocence. Adam was also later accused of murdering Diane Jenkins. With his relationship with Sharon on the rocks, Adam started dating Chelsea Lawson and they got married. But she wanted him to leave Newman, and when she found out she was pregnant, she declared the baby to be Dylan McAvoy’s father. But Adam found out the truth and fought for custody of his son, Connor.Adam Chelsea is young and restless“Chelsea, I love you so much!” Paul Skipper/jpistudios.com Adam is guilty after believing he stabbed and killed Delia Abbott with his car. He reconciled with Chelsea and urged her to leave for Paris with him. But Billy Abbott realizes Adam is responsible and confronts him. After a car crash, only Billy survived. Although investigators found Adam’s remains, he is actually alive and recovering elsewhere. He returns to Genoa City with Sage Warner, pretending to be married, to obtain Gabriel’s inheritance. Reconnecting with Chelsea, Adam revealed his true identity and they mended their relationship. But when others learn he is really Adam, he has to go to court for Delia’s death. After pleading guilty and being sentenced to 10 years, Adam was driven by a car driven by Delia’s mother, Chloe Mitchell, Adam helped Sage give birth to their son, Christian, but let her continue to believe Nick was the father. However, after her death, he learns she knew the truth and is grateful to him for keeping it a secret from Nick. Adam was later accused of poisoning Constance Bingham, and when the evidence to clear his name disappeared, he was held in prison, where he lost his grip on reality and assaulted a guard. Victor helps his son escape and Adam and Chelsea plan to run away with Connor. But while alone in the cabin, Adam is shot with a tranquilizer gun by Chloe, who has never forgiven Delia’s death. When Chelsea returned with Nick, the cabin exploded and DNA evidence showed that Adam was inside at the time.Y&R Chloe and Adam - CBS / Getty“I’ll take a nap, Adam. One forever. ” Sonja Flemming / CBS – Getty Images However, two years later, Chelsea was caught embezzling money that appeared to be Adam’s. As she was skipping town, she also made a mysterious phone call that she made. And in May 2019, it was revealed that Victor’s mysterious trip to Las Vegas was because he discovered Adam gambling there without remembering his true identity. Sharon goes to Vegas to talk to Adam and convince him to return to Genoa City with them.However, after confronting some of his dark past, Adam decides to pack up and leave. Unfortunately, just as he was doing so, he was shot!He survived, and as a bonus, his memories came back! from the start… some aren’t quite sure about it.) Adam scrambles for custody of Christian and tries to propose to Sharon, but both of them are unsuccessful with him.He later teamed up with Phyllis to get revenge on all of them. Newm family set for doing wrong to him, and forging the medicine that Victor was taking to treat his blood disease. However, upon learning that Victor is dead, Adam is filled with guilt and flees back to Vegas!Y&R Connor Adam ChelseaAdam is happy to have Connor help bring Chelsea back! Howard Wise/jpistudios.com He resisted many attempts to bring him home until Nick suggested he move back in with Connor, who feels abandoned by his father. When Adam returned to Genoa City, Connor continued to manipulate his father and Chelsea, taking action and forcing his parents to reunite for his sake. Adam then suggested moving to Paris, but in the end they chose to stay. Newman but is shattered when Victor finally reveals that it was the 11-year-old Adam who killed AJ Montalvo years ago! With no memory of the events, Adam begs Sharon for help. As she supports him while he recovers traumatic memories, a rift grows between Adam and a jealous Chelsea.Y&R Alyssa AdamAdam’s attempts to use Alyssa to take down Victor backfire greatly! Howard Wise / jpistudios.com Billy then hired Alyssa to write an article exposing Adam’s crimes called “The Making of a Monster” and despite Adam’s best efforts, it was published. Vowing revenge on Billy, Adam also tries to get Sharon back but she turns him down for Rey. Angry that Adam was still obsessed with Sharon, Chelsea abandoned him. Adam then announced his name change to Adam Wilson and left the Newman family forever. But he also made a lot of mysterious phone calls and Chelsea found out he was plotting against his clan! Adam kidnapped her to keep her quiet, but then changed the tune when he was shot and Chance took the bullet for him. Although Billy is the prime suspect, it is later revealed that Alyssa was trying to avenge her father’s murder. Then he felt even worse when he was hanging around Sharon’s wedding to Rey Rosales while Chelsea’s aneurysm burst and she could barely call 911! She survived emergency surgery but was immobile and unable to speak. Feeling guilty, Adam desperately asked the best doctors to get her back in shape. Unfortunately, after Chelsea found that Adam had kissed Sharon again, she kept her recovery a secret and actually framed him for the murder plot! Poison Rey! Discovering that Chelsea can not only speak but can also move again, Adam goes into hiding and enlists Sharon to try to prove that Chelsea is setting him up.

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