What Does A Soul Look Like

Video What the Soul looks like In order to form the Soul, it is obvious that it must be learned about its form. So, what does a Soul look like? Uniquely, it has no form or shade; it’s gentle, that’s not a strange thing.Read: What the soul looks like

The Soul is in the Light Type


Soul is data and data is light. This tenderness does not exist anywhere else in another kind. The gentle type soul needs no source or support.Dada Bhagwan explains what that kind of tenderness is and how we use this tenderness in our daily lives…Questioner: The Soul does not own the Information under any circumstances?Dadashri: Not an Information Soul; The Soul itself is Information! If we name it ‘with Knowledge’ it can be implied that ‘with’ and ‘Knowledge’ are two separate matters. Soul itself is Information; it itself is gentle! And thanks to this lightness you will be able to see all this. It is due to this lightness that each one of them is seen and identified. Through this lightness one can perceive all things and know all things.

Within the Body of Every Dwelling Being, Nothing is Light in Soul…

Hearing this assertion about what the Soul looks like, one begins to imagine that the Soul can also be like a light bulb or a gentle tube. No, it’s not like that. As simple as with the help of a light bulb or a gentle tube, we will see and know all the current problems in the room; equally, with the aid of the Spirit we shall see and know all things. It was simply a simile; Actually, the Soul is so much more than this strange tenderness.Let us perceive this with an example.Read more: What color led lights help you sleep Let’s say you’re in a pitch-black room where one of the many partitions has a small gap. From this opening, the solar rays enter the room. Now with this ray of sunshine you will be able to see the particles of mud suspended in space limited to that ray of sunshine. Does it imply that there aren’t any other particles of mud in the room? Have! Then why are they not seen? It’s because of the darkness. Therefore, when there is no tenderness, one cannot see; meanwhile, in the presence of sunshine, one can see problems as clearly as they are! Try looking at the rays of the sun and you will realize, “Oh! The Sun was born. ”Allow us to take another exampleLet’s assume that there is a large picture on the wall. Can we see it, will it be completely dark? No, but with the help of sunlight we will see the picture clearly, won’t we? and recognized; similarly, in the lightness of the Soul, the ideas that arise in the mind can be seen and traversed. The soul is a spirit that gently illuminates itself next to every object present in the universe. Unlike the light of the bulb, in the tenderness of the Soul there can be infinite happiness.Allow us to further realize the importance of Lightness of the Soul.Let’s assume that there is darkness in your house. How will you feel? You will clash with chairs, tables, etc. Also, you will start to worry about what will happen now and additional transfer methods so you don’t conflict again. This can be worrisome, right? However, what if in case you were full of light work in your room? Read more: what is the square root of 2000 | Top Q & AIn case you have completely lighthearted, there won’t be any conflict, distress, anxiety, doubt or stress! With full lightness, you are feeling happy and your loved one will also feel really happy. That is what we appreciate about the tenderness of the Soul. The most important difference is that previous tenderness will bring a sense of non-permanent happiness, while the lightness of Soul brings permanent happiness. That’s an important level to know when discovering what Souls look like.

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It’s the lightness of the soul that’s all over the place!

Suppose there could be a light bulb taped to a desired location on the wall. While the light bulb is not everywhere in the room; It gently illuminates the entire room. That is how a single Soul has the basis to light up your entire Universe. Every Soul has sunshine to light up your entire Universe, totally free of karmic particles! For example, in case you put a gentler in a pot and fix a lid on it, there won’t be any gentleness spilling out of the pot; It can only be gentle inside the pot. However in case you break the pot, how far will the sunlight go? Sunlight will radiate around no matter where it is placed, and through the room it is placed in. In the same way, if the Soul transforms out of the mantle, it will pervade all areas of the Universe.

Soul is Reality Being, yet it is covered with ignorance

At this moment, the Soul is in the body. It is filled with limitless data and limitless and predictable imagination, yet it currently ranks as a line of ignorance. Ignorance means not knowing about your real id. So, out of ignorance, we mistakenly believe that our physique, or supposed physical awareness, is our Self. When you acknowledge your Soul, it implies that ignorance of it has been removed. Right here, by the scientific experiment of the separation of ‘I’ and ‘mine’, Gnani Purush breaks these layers of ignorance and the direct lightness of the Soul begins. By that direct gentleness you will be able to test your Soul. When many layers of ignorance (karma) are obscured, a lot of light information will be discovered. When all the layers covering the Soul are discovered, an explosion of the Absolute Soul will illuminate your entire Universe. Such is the gentle light of the Soul! Please observe that the light of the Soul is just invisible, unlike a light bulb or a tube. That’s because it’s in the data type. So don’t think of Self-Awareness as a technique to see how some people find inner light, while experimenting to find out what the soul looks like. Read more: What has ears but cannot hear

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