Wé McDonald on life after ‘The Voice’

It’s been a month since Wé McDonald finished third on NBC’s “The Voice,” but the experience has only just begun to permeate the 17-year-old. and at the same time energizing: “You’re in the middle of this awkward phase, like, ‘God, I’m tired, but I really have to do something.’ You start to realize, ‘Wow, I’ve done a lot,’ and you want to keep going,’ explains the ponytailed college freshman. winner of Alicia Keys and performing live weekly to millions of viewers, topping the iTunes charts multiple times.TO LISTEN: Our conversation with Wé McDonald on The Record Talk Radio podcast‘VOICE’: Wé McDonald stuns in the finaleGO HOME: Wé McDonald visits old high school in WaynePICTURE: Paterson honors Wé McDonald finalist in “Voice”Wé McDonald talks to her mother, Jacqueline, in the kitchen of their Paterson house.But in a way, life will remain the same for the young artist, who is equally confident in a T-shirt and leggings, no makeup and a wardrobe with a television. McDonald will continue to live at home with her parents and sister and has just continued her education at William Paterson College in Wayne, where she enrolled in the renowned jazz studies program. Like any normal teenager, she’s excited to spend more time with her friends, albeit less engrossed in the pile of homework. She said she’s learned to stretch herself out as a performer, soaking up valuable knowledge of the TV and music industries, while keeping up with the fast-paced, albeit is the youngest member of the Finals, as well as being female and the only one. Although the hectic schedule and high-stress environment of a massive production run made for some sleepless early mornings and nights, from waking up at 5 a.m. for interviews and then staying up until 3 a.m. hours in the morning to record iTunes singles, McDonald says it’s all worth it. Even the show’s most trying moments, she said, are “really, really good because there are people who have stressful moments and they’re doing stuff they hate, so it’s just a great luck.”Wé McDonald, center, is at home with her sister, Jasmine, and mother, Jaqueline.Her positive outlook extends to third place. “I wasn’t disappointed, it’s weird” about not winning first place, “It’s not that I don’t care, it’s that I’ve reached the point where I’ve proven myself and I’m proud of it. myself, so No matter the outcome, I know I’ll be fine,” she said. -Regular career plan. McDonald said fans can “look forward to seeing me in so many places,” noting that she also intends to pursue acting as well as singing. filming “The Voice,” his daughter will perform at various venues over the next few months, from an intimate performance at the Highline Ballroom to singing the national anthem before a Knicks game at Madison Square Garden, but “” Our ultimate goal is to record this year and we will be very close to that,” he asserts. “It was just phenomenal, we came back home and our lives changed,” he said as he sat across from his daughter on the flowery kitchen island. I’m used to it, but I like it when people come to me and they’re like you’ve made a big difference or your performance is amazing or you know, my mom loves you – I think that’s what funniest ever! ”Photo of Wé McDonald performing at the age of 15 sitting at her family's pianoHowever, she takes a more serious approach when it comes to maintaining her diverse musical tastes and performance styles, which her fans from the show have come to recognize – the Her song selection ranges from jazz classics to tunes to contemporary R&B (her own favorite song from the show is “Don’t Rain on My Parade” from “Funny Girl” and Hozier’s dramatic version of “Take Me to Church”). specific genre, “I would never say what kind of music I would do. I will always say that I make inspirational music. You can do it but you want to take it but I would never say that I am a pop artist, an R&B, funk, jazz musician, I am myself and others can decide what to do. it the way they want it. “Her family is also dealing with their newfound fame and future prospects for their daughter. For the most part, McDonalds says it has found its more than 12 million “Voice” viewers to be happy and welcoming. But her mother, Jacqueline McDonald, said the family was very protective and had to remind Wé “that she can’t go anywhere and do anything now, she really has to be mindful.”Jaqueline McDonald, left, listens to her daughter Wé as she sings in the kitchen of their home in Paterson.Mostly, McDonalds takes pride. “I think this is an opportunity for her to have a background to do some of the things that she enjoys doing,” her father said. Phenomenal performers on stage. This includes season 11 winner, country singer Sundance Head, who has told her family and various media how impressed he is with her poise and talent. that. We’re going to get from this interview today, make sure you remember when I told you that Wé McDonald was going to be famous. And that’s the key point. “While she may not be an honest superstar yet, Wé McDonald is definitely on her way.

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