Warhammer Vermintide 2: How to Get Cosmetics

Essentially, this epic, four-player, Skaven-killing wits battle is all about the loot. With our cosmetic guide, you can even get loot that sets you apart from other players and offers an aesthetic flair in dull maps filled with buildings this destroyed. The ultimate goal of any match in Warhammer: Vermintide 2 is to get the best reward chest possible to upgrade your character. an item type that seems to be missing in action for multiplayer: Cosmetics!Like many people, you may be wondering: How do I buy cosmetics in Vermintide 2? There are two possible ways currently known, more are expected in future patches or DLC.

How to get Vermintide 2 . cosmetics

if you own original Vermintide (on the same platform as you purchased the sequel), you will then automatically receive a cosmetic item for your first character in the closet. Likewise, if you purchased a collector’s edition of Vermintide 2then you also get a special cosmetic item that is already available at the start of the game. items the classic way: by grinding. They arrive at the reward chests at the end of the match, but for now rarest of all possible items Take.While the developers have confirmed that they appear in the loot bonuses, they have yet to give any specifics on where cosmetics are more likely to appear, which is where community guessing old guessing young. Easiest setting in a quick match, it seems you are more likely to find Vermintide 2 cosmetic items in the reward chest on the hardest difficulty or when completing Hero matches with special objectives . , as they frequently give you handicaps or increase boss health while forcing you to play a map you know well in a different way than expected.

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Equip Vermintide 2 Cosmetics

Finally, when you get your hands on them, remember Cosmetics depend on characteristics and class; so for example, mercenary Markus Kruber cannot use the cosmetic item Hunstman’s Fugitive Hood.Open the cosmetic cabinet in Warhammer Vermintide 2You can change your cosmetic items in the inventory by turning right at the starting point and entering the equipment room (opposite the blacksmith room), then turning right again and wardrobe access.If you don’t want to do all that, you can display the cosmetic display by warehouse access and navigate to the cosmetics tab near the bottom (just above the Booty button). Note that Vermintide 2 . cosmetics a completely different concept from the weapon illusion! Cosmetics change the features of your clothes – at this point, mainly the skin of your coat or hat – while illusions change the look of the weapon, so you can keep a weapon skin that you enjoy even as you upgrade to new and better attack options. completely different and not accessible at the regular wardrobe or appliance screen. For a full explanation of weapon illusions and how they work, see here.Warhammer Vermintide 2 & large intestine; How to get cosmetics Visit the Vermintide 2 cosmetic cabinet Do you still need help surviving the various levels of Skaven infected or finding themes and grimoires for better loot in the rest of Vermintide 2? See our other guides here:

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