warframe where to farm neural sensors

Warframe video where the neural sensor farm“The neural link is implanted for enhanced control. Grineer Design”Read: warframe where neural sensor farm

Neural sensor


This implant is used for many functions as well as it is used to control the enhancement spells that most Grineers possess. rare resource, knowing how to farm Neural Sensors is crucial if one wants to keep crafting newer gear in progress throughout the game.

Where is the neural sensor farm?

Neural sensors that drop on Jupiter and Fort Kuva are normal but can be obtained from defeating The Raptors on Europa. Enemies on Jupiter are not as tall as enemies on most planets and can be easy on those with good gear until they can handle Fort Kuva. a little time and other methods are more effective.Read more: anime where the main character pretends to be weak | Top Q&AAlso Read: Cultivation of Nerve Cells

Themisto (Jupiter)

NSFU-1Themisto has always been the go-to spot for the original Neural Sensors, and Alad V has consistently provided the player with a massive boost over time. Small chance to drop Neural Sensors. If you’re not well equipped for Themisto, your best bet is to find a team or move on to the next method of farming Neural Sensors. This is considered the best place to equip neurosensors if you don’t need a lot of them, and since quests can be completed quickly, most players consider this the easiest way to get them. Neural sensor.Also Read: Alloy Plate Breeding Guide

Cameria (Jupiter)

NSFU-2Cameria is a Dark Sector quest on Jupiter that increases resource reduction by 20% and can be a good low-level Neural Sensor culture site compared to the Kuva Fort, Taveuni quest. it’s wise to use Hydroid or Nekros and take advantage of any boosters you have. Read more: where are the red dead 2 sellers | Top Q & AIt can let Neural Sensors drop from loot containers as well as enemies when they are killed but the odds are pretty low. Camp with a team or hike.

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Taveuni (Fortress Kuva)

NSFU-3Fort Kuva may not be the easiest Neural Sensor farm site, but the quest Taveuni provides is more than simply a few resources. Neural sensor. Using a Warframe that can force loot from enemies like Nekros with his Desecrate or Hydroid with his Pilfering Swarm add-on can greatly improve your chances of getting a Neural Sensor.


  • Chances of Neural Sensors to drop are sometimes very low and it’s best to use Warframe for farming to save time.
  • If you only need a few Neural Sensors, heading to Jupiter and doing Themisto will save you a lot of time.
  • Themisto is considered the best place to farm Neural Sensors, especially if you have a fast Warframe that can do speed quests.
  • Neural Sensors can be purchased from the market for 10 Platinum but this is not recommended as you can farm them easily by defeating Alad V.
  • You can purchase Neural Sensor blueprints from the market for 100 Platinum, which allows you to craft Neural Sensors for the cost of Credits (15,000), Alloy Plates (50,000), Nano Spores (50,000 ) and Salvage (25,000) for each product.


It’s hard for a lot of people to use Neural Sensors. So knowing how to farm them is essential, especially since you may need quite a bit late game. will eventually return to Jupiter or Fort Kuva. It would be a good idea if you could make a team to farm Neural Sensors for a certain amount of time to save you the trouble of doing so later when you need a lot of resources. .For a more detailed guide on how to farm resources, click here to see different ways to farm as well as a guide on what can be used to farm efficiently.Read more: 5 how to get top bamboo in Minecraft | Top Q&A

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