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THAT’S RIGHT In computer programming, true is a boolean value that represents mathematical and logical truths. If something is true, it is not false; If something is wrong, it is not right. In many programming languages, true or True (with a capital T) is a reserved word – a specially named value that cannot be redefined.

True in JavaScript

In programming, a truth test is often used as a conditional: “If something is true, do this; if not, do it. “In JavaScript, the special value true is implicitly checked in conditional statements. At the beginning of the conditional statement, an expression is enclosed in parentheses, followed by a block of code. If the expression evaluates to true, the code in the block is executed. If the expression evaluates to false, the code block is skipped. For example: var x = 3; // Declare a variable named x and assign it the value 3. if (x == 3) // Check for equality of the values ​​of x and 3. If they are equal, // run the code inside in curly braces {and}. { (“x must be 3, because this line of code is running!”); } Read more: What is Poker If you run the above code, the above code will output the following text to the JavaScript console: x must equal 3, because this line of code is running! Note about the above code:

  • In JavaScript, the single equals sign = is an assignment operator. It tells the program, “set the variable on the left to the value on the right.”
  • The double equals sign == is an equals test. It tells the program, “I want to know if the value on the left is equal to the value on the right.”
  • The double slash // indicates that the rest of the line is a comment. Everything after the slash is ignored by the computer when you run the program.
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Boolean function()

In JavaScript, the Boolean (something) function returns true if the something expression is true. For example, if you provide the expression 1 + 1 == 2 (“one plus one equals two?”) to the Boolean() function: Boolean (1 + 1 == 2); The function returns the special value true: true However, if the expression is not true: Boolean (1 + 1 == 7); Function returns false: false Read more: What is the act of play in FootballBelow is an example of using the Boolean() function to check if the sum of two integers x and y equals the third integer z. To use this function, named testTrue(), you must provide it with three integers as the XYZ argument. It checks if x + y is equal to z and provides the result. If you run this code in the browser, it will display the results in a pop-up warning window. function testTrue(x, y, z) { alert (`” ${x} + ${y} equals ${z}” is ${Boolean(x + y == z)}`); } Example: testTrue(1, 2, 3) Will display a warning message:JavaScript boolean resultYou can check this code below. In each of the three text boxes, enter an integer (an integer). Then click the button to run testTrue() using those three numbers x, y and z. += Linux, Programming Terms, Valid, VerifiedRead more: I love you what 3000 means

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