Top 5 uses of Rotten Flesh in Minecraft

Video What is Rotten Meat for in minecraft Rotten meat is not one of the best items in Minecraft, but it certainly has different uses. Rotten meat has been in Minecraft since its official release. When playing Minecraft for the first time or in a new world, every player encounters food shortages at some point. Waiting for wheat to grow can be a slow process and makes survival difficult. It sounds disgusting but rotten meat, if used properly, is a delicious treat in Minecraft. The player can farm rotten meat from zombified mobs like zombie, zoglin, zombified piglin etc. Rotten meat can also be found inside loot chests in various structures and through fishing.

Top 5 uses of rotten meat in Minecraft


#5 – Iron Belly Achievement

Read more: Ideas from the team | Many top Q&AM players enjoy gaining achievements in Minecraft. After defeating the last dragon, completing achievements or advancing is the next big task. The player can get the “Iron Belly Achievement” by eating rotten meat while having no hunger points.

#4 – Improve your Balanced Diet

Image viaYouTube / ClareBear_CBLike the Iron Belly achievement, players also need rotten meat to complete “Progress on Balanced Diet”. To complete this move, the player must eat everything that is edible, even if it is not good for them. Rotten Meat is one of 40 different foods the player must eat to complete this move.

#3 – Feed and heal the Wolf

Image via MinecraftRotten meat is not a waste item in Minecraft at all. They are a good source of food for loyal wolves in Minecraft. The player can feed the wolves with rotten meat and heal them. It can also be used to feed wolves. Players do not need to worry about hunger because wolves are not affected by hunger.

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#2 – Food Source

Image via MinecraftRead more: Remove adware “Ads by ClearScreen Player” (Virus Removal Guide) | The top Q&ARotten Flesh can act as a good source of food early in the game. Eating a piece of rotten meat restores four hunger points. The only downside is that the hunger effect lasts for 30 seconds. Hunger does not reduce hunger unless the player jumps or moves. By staying still, the player can restore health and hunger.

#1 – Trading

Image via MinecraftSome players may not know that rotten meat is tradable in Minecraft. Beginner level Clergy villagers buy 32 pieces of rotten meat for an emerald. By trading, players can turn their huge piles of rotten meat into emeralds. The player can make this transaction up to 16 times before it is locked. Subscribe to Sportskeeda Minecraft’s YouTube channel for more in-game updates! Read more: What happened to jen psaki Avatar

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