Tony Toutouni Net Worth – How Rich is Lunatic Living From Instagram

Tony Toutouni is a controversial figure in popular culture. His Instagram account, Lunatic Living, has earned him the title of “King of Instagram”. He has repeatedly claimed to be a billionaire, but is he really? Numbers don’t lie – but Tony seems to have fabricated it so it’s just a small trace. Let’s take a look at this attractive and content man.

Tony Toutouni of Lunatic Living Net Worth – $75 million


How Lunatic Living’s Tony Toutouni Made Their Money and Wealth

Tony Toutouni loves to show off his wealth, but how did he get it? Tony had humble beginnings as a car audio retailer. He quickly got tired of so many things in life, and he quit his job and started his entrepreneurial journey. Tony bought his first nightclub at the age of 19. Since then, he has started buying more nightclubs, as well as bars, restaurants and car dealerships. When he starts to make a profit, he will sell it for a higher price than he bought it for. He uses that money to buy a bunch of private jets, cars, huge amounts of alcohol, and hot jobs for his fans and team. He claims to be a billionaire, but just how rich is he? Sources say he has a much lower net worth of $75 million, but that figure may not take into account how much money he has in businesses, cars and properties. Snapchat account. Some sources say he was born in LA, others claim that he was born in Iran and came to the US as a child. All of this only adds to his mystery, and inspires both admiration and hatred. Some critics on social networking sites like Reddit have accused him of using shady means to make millions, like using his businesses to sell drugs or drug money. Drugs ala Breaking Bad. Others say his story is an inspirational story to enrich entrepreneurship for boys friends everywhere.

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Tony Toutouni of Lunatic Living Personal Life & FAQ’s:

Is Tony Toutouni married?

fiance tony-toutouniTo put it mildly, Tony was a lady’s man. Lunatic Living is flooded with pictures of him with semi-naked women. So it’s a bit surprising that he will soon settle down with Juliann Nicole, who is 17 years younger than him. Having a fiancé known for his wild parties and sexual conquest was enough to make anyone believe him, but Nicole was full of support for Tony.

Tony Toutouni’s Annual Salary and Income in 2016

Tony earns $6.5 million a year. This drops to $540,000 a month, $135,000 a week, and $19,200 per day. In other words, Tony earns every day what minimum wage workers in the United States would have to work overtime to earn each year. Tony is not ashamed to show his love for cash and what it has bought him. From yachts, private jets and huge piles of cash, his Instagram account has it all. In addition to buying expensive luxuries and sponsoring lavish parties, Tony loves to get creative with his money, often including it in his Instagram photos. His money goes to work, whether it’s created as someone sleeping next to him, spread around the floor for his model to crawl in, or simply spread out on a table for the whole family. world see.

Tony Toutouni’s Hottest Controversies

It’s easy to see how Tony has stirred up so much controversy. His Instagram page is flashy, materialistic and some accuse him of being offensive to women. This is an easy accusation to make – many of the photos depict Tony using women as a literal subject. One of the most infamous photos shows Tony leading three thinly-clothed women onto a jet with a leash. Yet another photo shows a woman in breeches being used as a vase table, complete with the caption “Feminists keep bugging me, I have plenty of room to buy more.” desk stand.” Some of the images are purely erotic – there are some videos of women simulating sexual acts or performing them right on the screen. Tony seems to be embroiled in controversy – he pokes through many of his pictures with his middle finger, which is said to be insured for millions of dollars. . Snapchat has a strict no-nudity policy, and Tony regularly violates that policy. He always seems to get his account reinstated though, so you can follow him there at @lunaticliving or on his Instagram. I don’t recommend viewing either of these sites at work or near your grandparents.

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Tony Toutouni’s house

Tony-toutouni-houseTony Toutouni lives in LA in a well-kept mansion he’s filled with beautiful women, melon dealers, poker tables, and luxury cars. Other photos on Instagram show him with a large saltwater aquarium, a rooftop Jacuzzi, a jukebox, and some interesting abstract art.

Tony Toutouni’s car

tony-toutoni-carTony has a wide selection of vehicles, from a variety of private jets to custom motorcycles. Toutouni has a special place in his heart for high-performance cars like Ferrari and Porsche. Looking at his pictures, you can tell that he also has a fondness for vintage cars.

Charity and donation and charity

Believe it or not his lavish lifestyle, Tony Toutouni is also a generous person. In 2013, he donated $150,000 to a charity called the William Holdings National Kids Stay Safe Program. This money is used to open a number of dojos across Southern California where underprivileged children can learn Karate for free. This cause is close to Tony’s heart – he has a Kempo and Karate black belt. Recently, Tony personally handed out ten packages of toys to more than 200 underprivileged children in the rough neighborhoods of LA. This happened on Christmas 2015. Of course, Tony doesn’t just care about needy kids in Sourthern California. He’s also deeply interested in demographics that are often overlooked – like a virgin with the world’s smallest penis, or women with small breasts. Tony also generously “gifted” three of his bandmates to a US Marine to take to the official MCAS MIRAMAR prom in San Diego.

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