This is why the ‘Bouncing Betty’ was absolutely devastating

Developed by German Engineers in the 1930s as a defensive strategy for the Third Reich, the stand-alone anti-personnel mine was originally named Schrapnellmine or S-Mine. Considered one of the deadliest tools on the battlefield, the French first encountered this version of the bouncing mine in 1939 when it devastated their forces. The top is often camouflaged by nearby grass.

Read more: Home → Technology Advantages | Top Q&A When these prongs are disturbed by feet or vehicles, the landmine will fire itself approximately 3 feet above the victim’s waist using a black powdered propellant. The fuse is designed with a half second delay to allow it to travel through the air. S mines are potentially lethal at 66 feet, but US training manuals say serious casualties could be as high as 460 feet. Although Schrapnellmine is highly effective and is composed primarily of metal parts, detection is fairly straightforward using a metal detector. However, at that time, such heavy and expensive equipment was not available to all infantry units as they fought across the front lines.

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So allied forces had to probe the land with their knives and bayonets in search of dangerous mines. When they are discovered, a soldier can disarm the Bouncing Betty with a sewing needle inserted into the mine’s safety pin. Bouncing Betty production ended in 1945 after Germany had built 2 million mines. Read more: What is August 19. zodiac sign (Lightning War 1941, YouTube)

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