“The grass is green where you water it.”

Video The grass is always greener where you water. You know what… “The grass is always greener on the other side.” I’m sure by now you’ve heard (or at least seen on the Pinterest board somewhere under the words) “Comparison is the thief of joy”. Right and right. You know what’s sad? It’s sad how quickly we give in to our own pleasure because we see someone else doing something different and we want their joy instead. You already know the importance of choosing fun if you’ve been around these pink parts for at least a week, Read: the grass is always greener when you water it.What the hell does this mean? This means that “the other side” is not part of your equation. It can’t be. Put on your goggles, and as my 9th grade history teacher said, “Stop fooling the rubber.” Pay attention to your own paper and stop comparing constantly with others and their mothers when it comes to you doing your own work and what you love most. Read more: Where to stay on Paros, Greece in 2021 – The Ultimate GuideIf you live by the not so good first mantra – “The grass is always greener on the other side” – you are literally allowing others to have some space happier yards just because you can’t see the good that already exists in you. Or, maybe even worse, you don’t want to do the really hard work it takes to get your own yard in tip-top shape.It needs to work.If you want to live your dream life, there will always be someone who can do it better than you. But that’s not the point – because there’s always someone out of over 7 billion people on this planet who can do something better than you. It takes work, and sometimes that can be why we temporarily find it easier to just be jealous of others and whine about why they got it so easily or why. success is “given to them”. But what good does that do in the long run? It gets us nowhere and our grass is still #burnt in the end. Take your tools out, get some knowledge, and start working up a sweat and making your own success that you can – and will! – make your own. If someone else’s grass is green, it’s because they’re spending time at the Home Depot wandering the garden, finding the right fertilizer to put it on. They’re not sitting in bed staring out the window at your grass – they’re putting #werk to make their grass as green as it can be. Sometimes the plant goes into a dormant phase. It doesn’t mean the plant is dead – it’s just resting and getting ready for the next growing season. And all plants have root systems – grass included. You can’t see it happening, but it’s there, and it’s essential to any kind of growth and development. People need roots too – core values ​​and integrity that bind you to who you are and keep you grounded (pun intended). The unchangeable parts of you on which all else is built. In this society, instant gratification is a thing. Sometimes we give up and walk away too quickly because our grass doesn’t grow as fast as someone else’s, or we feel like we’re not good enough to make it happen on our own.Lesson here?Read more: Where You Are In Spain By spending time worrying and focusing on someone else’s yard (e.g. life, career, relationships, etc.), you’re wasting time can be spent watering one’s own yard (ie. life, career, relationships, etc.). The result is that you’re a lot less confident in your work, a lot more overwhelmed with the world around you, and a lot less progressive in your own yard. What to do with blogging. I wake up wishing I could sleep for three more hours and wake up with a cup of coffee and a movie or something – not work on Mondays. But sometimes you need to push yourself to take steps, like forcing yourself to water your houseplant because it starts to look like toast (with bugs), because you see the potential. You have potential. Pay attention to your yard.signature blogRead more: where is the block 4 fusion fallout | Top Q&A

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