the division how to get weapon skins

Weapon skins in Tom Clancy’s The Division are rare and hard to find. They don’t give you any bonuses for your weapons but they look great. Check out this guide for How To Get Weapon Skins In The Division!

How to get weapon skins in division

These are rare but there is a way to get guaranteed weapon skins every day. Aside from the daily guarantee, you’ll have to have a bit of luck to get one.Clothing supplier – You can get the Clothing Vendor in your purchase base to get an upgrade at the Security Wing, give it for an upgrade. This will allow you to buy a new weapon skin every 24 hours. My friends and I all had similar skin the first two days so we’re both getting the same skins from there at the moment. Don’t forget to check in every day, otherwise you might miss one you like! Obviously you can also buy clothes here. This is the only way 100% chance to get a skin.Enemy Drops – This method is by no means guaranteed but the enemy has a small chance to skin the weapon. We never even saw one until we went on a difficult quest. That means for about 19 hours we didn’t see an enemy drop a weapon skin. The one we passed was an elite and in hard working mode. I still think they have normal quest drop abilities but I think only elite (stronger) enemies and bosses have a chance to drop them. Read more: how to change your life in 6 monthsCivilian – While you’re running around in The Division, you’ll occasionally run into Civilians wanting help. They will want something like Water or Food and you can deliver it to them. Usually they will give you some sort of clothing or small reward but they have a small chance to drop a Weapon Costume. It’s so small that I wouldn’t try to find civilians, just help them when you come across them. . Check back soon for more Tom Clancy’s Guides! Read more: Simulate 4 ways to organize a birthday party [puzzles] [/puzzles]

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