The Division – How to Earn Phoenix Credits

Here Parts Guide will explain how to make money Phoenix Credits in The Divisionand where to use this particular currency. Phoenix Credits is reserved for players who have spent time leveling up their character and have reached the maximum rank. There are several different currencies in The Division. The primary currency is Credits, which are used to purchase weapons, equipment, mods, and other items from vendors throughout Manhattan. When the player reaches the maximum rank with a character, a special currency called Phoenix Credits becomes available.Phoenix credits and late game activities will be available upon reaching max rank. Phoenix Credits is an end-game currency that can only be obtained when a Rank 30 is reached. Certain vendors in and out of the Dark Zone require Phoenix Credits to purchase weapons, equipment, and keys. keys and other premium items from their inventory.

How to earn Phoenix Credits in The Division

The methods of earning Phoenix Credits are quite simple. When max rank is reached, Daily Quests will be available as part of late game activities. Daily quests involve replaying previous story missions to earn Phoenix Credits. There are three new Daily Quests each day. These quests are indicated by a white circle on the map and will have the word ‘Daily’ next to the difficulty level when hovering over the phoenix division 02 1It’s worth noting that the Phoenix Credits earned from Daily Quests are shared between characters. In addition, players with multiple characters can repeat Daily Quests with each individual character. Using multiple characters with max rank increases the potential amount of Phoenix Credits a player can earn on a daily basis. Certain Daily Quests will also have a Challenge difficulty rating. Completing this Daily Quest with a higher difficulty rating will reward the player with additional Phoenix Credits, along with Phoenix Credits normally earned for completing the Daily Quest. The Hard Daily Quest will only grant 20 Phoenix Credits. If you need help completing the story missions and reaching the maximum rank, check out The Division’s Guide and Guide for instructions on each story phoenix department 04 2Also, there is a slight chance for Phoenix Credits to drop from named bosses both inside and outside of the Dark Zone. While this is a less reliable way to earn Phoenix Credits, it gives another incentive to complete Challenge missions or try your luck in the Dark Zone. The more Phoenix Credits you accumulate in this area, the more you can buy from the ultimate game providers.

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Where to use Phoenix Credits

Upon reaching maximum rank, a Specialty Gear Supplier will be available in the Technology Wing of your Operations Facility. The special gear carrier is located right next to the Recalibration Station, to the left of the Tech Wing notebook. You can only purchase items from this particular equipment vendor using Phoenix Credits. As you complete the Daily Quest, be sure to check back with this vendor to see what Premium weapons, gear, blueprints, or mods they have in stock. Note that this provider is different from the Advanced Weapons Provider found in the Security Wing. There is a special Dark Zone provider in the northernmost part of Dark Zone that only accepts Phoenix Credits, unlike other DZ providers. Look for a cathedral in DZ06 at the northern end of the Dark Zone to peruse this particular vendor’s selection of phoenix department 03 3Remember that each Dark Zone vendor requires you to have a certain Dark Zone rank before you can purchase items from any of these vendors. Check out our guide on how to survive the Dark Zone in The Division so you can boost your DZ rank and start buying from these special vendors. Informative location guide, story quest guide and other useful features.

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