The Black Man in The Scarlet Letter

Nathaniel Hawthorne

Many faces of black people

Danger always exists

Because Black Man lives in the woods around town, his moral threat is always near. The community is under constant siege. For Puritans, letting your guard down even for a moment is enough to invite enemies in. After all, Satan wants to buy your soul and he won’t stop there to achieve that quest. , they are especially wary; If another person was from the forest, that person would always be asked, possibly jokingly (but not really at all), if the Man in Black had been there. also only the town, as a collective force, can resist the enemy. Black Man attacks most often when the sinner is alone because, in Hester’s Puritan community, one man’s sin is the sin of all. Her deeds have polluted the entire town, and only the collective efforts of the whole town can remove her and itself from that pollution. In town, the community will keep you on the straight and narrow. It will monitor, evaluate and adjust you. But alone in the woods and you are at the mercy of the Negro. In Hester’s community, individuality is like sin. Only community can keep you upright. Stand alone, as Hester does, and you are in the hands of the enemy. Family on the beginning of the shame bright red

Question about free will

In Hester’s community, the exercise of individual will was almost an act of rebellion, a declaration of war on the community. But this is precisely an attribute of the Black Man in Hawthorne’s novel. Several times, Hester was invited to join an alliance with the Black Man. Mistress Hibbins, who the novel tells us, will later be executed for being a witch, is the most adamant about this. She teases, seduce, and coaxes Hester to join her. But only once did Hester seriously respond to her invitation. If she has lost her daughter, she will be happy to do so. But Hester is developing her own independent moral sense, and independent will is not defined by her community.

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