Team Driving and Slip Seating

Group Driving and Sliding

August 23, 2016

Author: Jason EnglerWith rising equipment costs, regulatory requirements and customer demand for faster transit times, fleet managers are turning to reduced seating or group driving to keep their fleets afloat. surname. Sliding seats refer to when a driver is not assigned a specific truck, but rather squeezes into one after another driver returns from their route. Vehicles rarely sit still. This pattern is seen more often among local operations or those with dedicated routes. Group driving is defined as a group of two or more drivers traveling together and driving the same truck in shifts. This essentially allows the truck to be in near-constant motion and is used primarily for transporting time-sensitive goods. Sliding seats and group driving come with a new list of issues insurers are taking in their underwriting guidelines as the industry changes. When trucks are constantly on the road, there is less time for regularly scheduled maintenance; This raises some safety concerns. When the vehicle is in constant motion, the wear and tear is much greater than that of a vehicle driven by a single person. Key components, like tires or brakes, wear out faster and can lead to safety problems if routine maintenance is not performed on these vehicles. . Typically, these units are operating at twice the mileage, which indicates twice the risk of accidents and potential loss. Some insurers will not cover these types of operations, while others may increase premiums significantly to offset the additional risk. fleet and improve customer satisfaction. From an insurance standpoint, market availability becomes more limited and underwriters may be concerned about this additional level of risk.

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Jason joined Cottingham and Butler in 2012 and served as Sales Manager on our Transportation Team. Jason holds a Bachelor of Science from Iowa State University, majoring in Business and Marketing. Since then, he has spent his professional career working as an insurance broker. Jason enjoys spending time with his family, fishing and hunting. He also enjoys golfing, skiing, and participating in community events.


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