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Video Street Girl Fighter Where to Watch’Street Woman Fighter’ aka ‘SWF’ is the main rival of the all-girls dance group in Korea produced by Mnet. The channel is known for several Ok-pop survival exhibitions such as ‘Girls Planet 999’ and ‘Produce 101’ that have formed several Ok-pop teams. They also held a number of active promotional packages for artists in various fields such as ‘Show Me The Money’ and ‘High School Rapper’ for the Ok-Hip Hop commercial. However, there is no package for the dancers that are the mainstay of the massive Ok-pop trade. However, we’ve got two now with ‘Street Dance Girls Fighter’ as the latest giveaway. With huge success and even international recognition, several spin-offs and sequels have been talked about. Producers reported being enamored with a male model with male dance groups. However, before that happens, we already have a confirmed date for ‘Street Dance Girls Fighter’, for dance groups consisting of strippers. And the jury is none other than fierce contributors to ‘Street Woman Fighter’. In fact, this is every part we know in regards to the sequel.RELATED ARTICLESMnet’s ‘Street Girl Fighter’ Finale: HolyBang vs Hook? Followers are happy with the winners

Broadcast date and time


‘Street Dance Girls Fighter’ will air every Tuesday, from November 30 at 10:20pm KST (8:20am ET).

Place to review

‘Street Dance Girls Fighter’ will be watched on Mnet’s channel and TVing app. Like ‘Street Woman Fighter’, it will even air on tvN Asia, the Mnet Good app, and the Viu app.

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The MC right after that was Kang Daniel. The b-boy and soloist had previously hosted ‘Street Woman Fighter’ and was consulted about his professionalism and genuine enthusiasm.

Advisors and examiners

Read more: where to find eevee in pokemon x | Top Q & AP Many viewers criticized the ‘Street Girl Fighter idol judges’ for saying their verdict was biased and that they didn’t know much about the diverse dance genres that the collaborators performed. sharp. That’s right, Mnet has revealed the dance masters of their upcoming survival show that could change these views. These dancers can be mentors, in addition to the jury. The main board of ‘Street Dance Women Fighter’ consists of leaders and members of the team that participated in ‘Street Woman Fighter’.HolyBang – Honey J, Jane, TaroHook – Aiki, Odd, Rage OnLACHICA – Gabi, Rian, PeanutCoca N Butter – Rihey, Z.Solar, GagaYGX – Leejung, Jihyo, YeojinProwdmon – Monika, Lip J, KameWANT – Hyojin Choi, MoanaWAYB – No: ze, Ansso, Dolla

First mission and place to vote

Mnet has revealed that ‘Street Dance Women Fighter’ main quest will be ‘Group Performance Quest’. Eight groups of women collaborating will wear masks and reveal their performances on Mnet TV’s YouTube channel. Viewers can vote by watching and liking their favorite shows. The voting period is from November 16 at 4 p.m. KST (2 a.m. ET) to November 20 at 11:59 p.m. KST (9:59 a.m. ET).

Talk party

Before ‘Street Dance Girls Fighter’ airs, we’ll get a little bit of extra content for ‘Street Woman Fighter’. All collaboration groups of single existence are now ready to have a chat. There are some interesting segments because the groups make unnamed confessions to their leaders. Entirely different teams are also set to have different levels of collaboration while we noticed HOOK’s Aiki stole the hearts of opposite leaders in the trailer. Episode 2 of Gala Speak Present will air on November 16 at 10:20 p.m. KST (8:20 a.m. ET) on Mnet and the TVing app. See the trailer below. Read more: where to find elliot stardew valley | Top Q&A When you have entertainment news or stories for us, please contact us at (323) 421-7515

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