Stellaris How to Merge Fleets

There are several ways to merge fleets:

  • Select at least two fleets by holding shift and clicking on them to select them. Click the merge icon. Even if the fleets are in different systems, they will merge when they meet. If the main fleet is moving, the other fleet(s) will follow it until they merge.
  • You can also select the groups you want to merge and use the keyboard shortcut, “G”

Fleets in orbit around the same planet will merge almost instantaneously. This doesn’t always indicate a problem but it will more often than not. The reason groups won’t merge is:

  • You must choose more than one fleet. Obvious but sometimes overlooked.
  • It is not possible to merge fleets with different drive types.
  • Some task force fleets will not merge with other ships.
  • If a fleet is being upgraded, it will not merge.
  • If a fleet is being repaired, it will not merge.
  • If merging will result in a fleet that exceeds your Command Limit, they will not merge.
    • The command limit limits the number of ships you can have in a fleet. That is not the actual number of ships but depends on the number of Command Limits a ship uses. For example, a Corvette will use up 1 point while a destroyer uses up 2. The starting command limit is 20.
  • Fleets will not merge if they are in different parts of your territory separated by empires with which you are not at war and have no open border agreement. The tooltip won’t tell you this and will indicate that the fleets are in the process of merging but nothing will happen.
  • You might be clicking the transfer icon instead of the fleet merge icon.

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Train transfer


Read more: How to wear lace flats If you want to select ships that you want to merge into another fleet rather than just splitting them in half with the Split Fleet command, you’ll need to switch ships. Perhaps you need the special weapon a ship type has to offer and need it to balance your main battle fleet? Select the fleet you want to transfer and click on the transfer ship icon. A box will appear asking you to select the ship you want to transfer to the new fleet. Simply clicking on a ship in the list will switch it to a new fleet. Once the first ship has been delivered, the new fleet will be assigned a name and a dialog box will ask you which ships or which ships to move on to the new fleet. When you’re done transferring the ship, click the X in the upper-right corner to close it. You can then merge the new fleet into the fleet you want to strengthen or balance. pages on our website.

Split fleet

If you have several fleets that are too small but you cannot combine them into one large fleet because your command limit does not allow it, you can split one of them using the Split Fleet icon into two smaller fleets . Just select the fleet you want to split and click the split fleet icon. The game will do the best it can to split them evenly. You can then merge at least one of them into a larger fleet.


You can do other things when choosing a fleet. You can add an Admiral with a special ability that can be relegated to the fleet under the Admiral’s command. If the fleet does not have a designated Admiral, the portrait will be blank with the words “Designate Leader.” Clicking on it will bring up the Leaders panel. If there is no Admiral, you can recruit one by clicking the recruit icon. Usually there will be at least three candidates appearing with different skills and characteristics. Choose the one that best suits your needs and then assign him or her to your team by clicking the portrait.Web Admiral StellarisIn addition to any special trait they have Admirals also give their assigned fleet a 3% increase in fire rate. They gain experience by suppressing pirates, waging space battles, and by destroying or forcing enemy ships to retreat in battle. Some of the traits that an Admiral can have, or can get with experience, are increased longevity or Fleet Organization, which gives a 15% bonus to naval prowess. Administrators can only have 3 traits and can only gain one trait as they level up. For a complete list of Admiral (and other leaders) traits, check out this page at the Stellaris Wiki.

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Fleet does not attack

Read more: how to remove a pressed ball bearing If your fleet isn’t attacking, you can also check and change the fleet’s stance at this screen. There are two stances that can be established, passive and aggressive. With a passive position, a fleet will not chase and attack the enemy, but will engage if under fire or if the enemy fleet gets too close. With its aggressive stance, it will hunt and attack any enemy in the same system. There is also a known bug (at least at the time of this writing) that sometimes prevents fleets from firing at enemy fleets. If you have a fleet that gets hit by enemy fire but doesn’t return fire and acts like there’s nothing there, you can try one of the following.

  • First, you can change the fleet’s stance to see if that fixes things.
  • The player also fixed this by exiting and then reloading the game.
  • Another option is to move all ships to a new fleet. This will reset everything back to normal.

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Orbital bombardment

At this screen, you can also set the bombardment posture according to the fleet’s trajectory. The bombardment options for an empire are determined by Empire policies, so they won’t all be available at the same time. Some of the bombardment options that may be available are Selective and Discriminatory. With a Selective stance, the fleet would bombard military sites and minimize civilian casualties as much as possible. It deals moderate damage to enemy troops and to the planet. If a planet is unobstructed, it will not bombard it and when it bombards it will stop bombing that planet if the population drops to 25. With a Non-discrimination policy will do heavy damage to the planet and the enemy’s army and moderate damage is done to the planet’s population. If the planet’s population drops to 11 then the bombardment will stop.

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House base

You can base your fleet. This determines where your ship will move to during an emergency FTL, such as retreating from a battle or having to leave territory because you’ve lost an open border treaty with an empire. It’s worth noting if you have a big empire. If your fleet is on one side of your empire and its main base is on the other, it will take longer to get there than if the main base is just a few arcs away. It’s always a good idea if a star port is much closer to your fleet than the port the fleet is assigned to. Read more: how to get free legends in clash royale | Top Q&A

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