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Fishing in the Stardew . Valley

How to use Bait and Shoot on a Fishing Rod


A fiberglass fishing rod equipped with bait. Technically, the pole has a slot for the bait, which is easy to miss. Here’s a quick rundown of how it’s done and what they do for you when fishing. If you need help with fishing, click here.


The first thing to know is that Bamboo fishing rod does not have a bait slot nor a fishing rod. The better sticks have these features. The ability to use bait comes with Level 2 Fishing, as it will cause Will to sell fiberglass fishing rods at his shop by the sea for 1,800G (you’ll get a letter telling him he is). he has it available). You can also buy cheap bait there, although level 2 fishing teaches you to make your own. Read: stardew valley how to put hook on rod How to use Bait To use bait, mark lure in your inventory, then pick it up as if you were going to move it. Now go to the fishing rod and right click. The bait will now be fitted to the pole. With the Xbox controller, you select it with ‘A’ and equip the fishing rod with ‘X’. You can remove the bait by right clicking or pressing ‘X’ a second time.Read more: How to solve a rubik’s cube in 20 moves You can attach a whole bunch of lures so you only need to do this once in a while. Equipping the bait on the fishing rod will increase the speed at which the fish ‘bite’. This means less time sitting around and more time reeling with fish. It greatly increases your profit every day from fishing. Whether you catch fish or not, you’ll use up one of your bait.

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How to use TackleTackle (spinner, barbed hook, and zipper) is equipped in a similar way. Pick up the fishing rod from your inventory, go over the fishing rod, then right click or press ‘X’ on the Xbox controller to attach it to the pole. , there are slots for both bait and bait. Shadow painting has the biggest influence on your ability to catch rare fish. Unlike bait, whose quantity diminishes with each use, bait has durability. Different types of balls do different things:

  • Spinner (Fishing level 6) – Increases the rate of fish biting the hook.
  • Lead Bobber (Level 6 Fishing) – Stops the bar from bouncing when it hits the end of the frame in a fishing game. Not often useful.
  • Trap Bobber (Level 6 Fishing) – Makes the fishing minigame bar drop slower, meaning you don’t have to click fast to keep the bar steady on a level. One of the best.
  • Cork Bobber (Fisher Level 7) – Increases the size of the rod in the fishing minigame slightly, which varies depending on your fishing level. Others are better. Remember, more fishing levels also increase the size of the stick!
  • Treasure Hunter (Level 7) – Increases the chance of a treasure chest to appear by 1/3 (meaning 20% ​​of the total chance). Great for finding artifacts. They are crafted for 2 gold bars or purchased for 750G from Willy.
  • Dressed Spindle (Fishing Level 8) – Further increases the odds of fish taking the hook.
  • Spike Hook (Fishing Level 8) – Helps stick to fish in fishing minigame, easier.
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Like regular Stardew Valley bait items, you can buy different types of items from Willy’s shop as you level up. Naturally, you unlock the ability to craft most of these to the same level that they are available in the store, although a few are store exclusives. All in all, buying them seems to be better than crafting, especially in the case of items like Treasure Hunters that can deal unless you’re swimming in Gold bars.

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