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The lens is used to help you focus for the new focus system, you will receive a lens corresponding to what you have selected later complete the second Dream quest. It looks like all the trees are accessible but they are a focal barrier (50,000) before you can reach any good stuff inside. The tree you choose will have this fence finished. The lens can be installed in any of the following devices MAX RANK WARFRAME, MAJOR WEAPON, Middle School, MELEE PLUS ALL STORAGE Item. Once installed DIRECTLY KILLING MYSELF IS COLLECTED TO WHICH THE ITEM IS TRANSFERED AS FOCUS. If you format an item with a lens, you won’t gain focus from the item until it hits 30 more times. you can have many different lenses on one load but only one lens per item. After the focus is collected, go back to you Focus Menu (behind the ship talk to the little one) select the tree with the collected focus select a skill and click on the focus to give it focus. During the game you will find a circle with a focus icon next to your energy bar when full, press 5 (calculator) to use your new focus ability. Read: warframe how to equip lensSMALL LENS INSTALLATION STEPS1. GO TO THE UPGRADE SCREEN OF YOUR CHOSEN Item2. CLICK ACTION (lower left corner of the screen)3. ON THE FIRST TIME RIGHT HAS BEEN BRANDED BUTTON FOCUS BUTTON LABELING BUTTON ON IT.4. CHOOSE LENS YOU WANT TO INSTALL5. DONE, GO FORTH AND CONTACT NOW.-WARNING-LENS CAN REPLACEMENT BUT DO NOT REMOVE LENS REPLACEMENT WILL LIMIT ITIMMEDIATELY HAVE A PART OF SORTIE’S NEW DROP TABLE I DOUBLE WE WILL Reveal ALL TABLESRead: warframe how to equip lensLENS YOU PUT INTO YOUR LOAD OUTSIDE EFFECTIVELY THAT YOU USE CONFIDENCE POWER-When you unlock more than one focus tree, you can choose which one is the “main tree” (if you only have one open). key is your main tree), this will be the concentrated power you use in the game. The lens is only used to collect the focus used to unlock other trees or nodes corresponding to the focus you collect. Read: lens equip frame-I’m missing the SECOND DREAM QUESTION OR THE CENTER GLASS BUTTON-You have to complete the second dream quest to start working with the lens and focus, and you can only start the second dream after defeating topqa.info/wiki/NatahNatah quest information ^Read more: warframe how to equip lens Read more: How to delete bumble account Bigger lens Bigger lens is a kind of upgrade to you Regular Lens gives more focal length than Normal Lens. They required 4 lenses of the same type to create a larger lens of the same type, for example, 4 Zenurik Lenses are needed to make one Larger Zenurik Lens. Larger lenses require a detailed blueprint for implementation among a number of other resources and blueprints can be found on the market in the devices tab and components section.Reading: warframe how to equip lens– THREE INFORMATION-Thanks to Pryyo for the Naramon and Zenurik, Alzaroz for the Madurai, ScribbleClash for the Naramon, and Satosa and RobWasHere for the Vazarin. Read: warframe how to equip lensNARAMON Read: warframe how to equip lensZENURIKRead more: how to get all 2k17 . badges tNQCniG.pngRead: warframe how to equip lensVAZARIN I5gkW9D.jpgRead: warframe how to equip lensUNARIU NxltF2S.jpgRead: warframe how to equip lensMADURAI qJHICyp.jpgRead more: How to install drivers without internet or cd or usb Edited by RustKnight5

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