[Solved] How to Stop Skype from Lowering the Volume [Partition Manager]

Skype is turning down the volume on other apps

In recent times, VoIP (voice over internet protocol) has become a lot more popular. To capitalize on this boom and ensure that making and receiving phone calls on Windows is as seamless as possible, Microsoft has added a feature. This feature automatically adjusts the volume of other media when a phone call is detected. You don’t need to adjust any settings to enable it. In fact, it is deployed and enabled by default whenever anyone makes a VoIP call using Skype or any other VoIP application. When this feature is enabled, Windows will automatically reduce all volume from 50% to 80% (80% is the default). If you are a frequent caller from a Windows machine, you might think that’s great, however, if you are a gamer and you want to use any VoIP platform to communicate in when playing games like Discord or Google Hangouts, this feature can become a big problem. Windows will lower the volume even when you use the game’s built-in voice channel. the most popular instant messaging programs. Many people like to use it to make calls. However, some people are looking for a way to prevent Skype from reducing the volume on other applications, in the content below, I will show you how to do it.

How to prevent Skype from turning down the volume

Through the following steps, you can turn off the volume reduction of other channels when a VoIP call is detected.Step 1: Click Windows 10 Begin and then search Dashboard. Open this app from search results.Step 2: Above Dashboard window, click The hardware and the sound optional and then Sound optional, if you are in Type view. But if you are in Icon view, click Sound direct option.10 ways to open Control Panel Windows 10/8/7Step 3: Above Sound window, go to Contact tab and then check Do nothing right to buy. Then click Application And after that ALRIGHT to save the changes.check the Do nothing optionThrough the above steps, you can stop Skype from reducing the volume of other sounds on your Windows 10 computer. But if you think this feature is useful and you just want to reduce its volume, you can check it out. Reduce the volume of other sounds by 50% right to buy.

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I hope this post can help you get rid of this nefarious problem. If you have other methods that can prevent Skype from reducing the volume, please share with us in the following comment area. We would appreciate that.

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