Siri why is a fire truck red

There are different amazing and funny answers you’ll get when you ask Siri something funny about it. One type of question that is best asked Siri is why are fire trucks red. This particular question should give Gardner a lovely but awesome answer that should cheer anyone up. In this article, we’ll talk about the answer you’ll get when you ask Siri something ridiculous.

Learn how to get the most out of this performance?


This performance of Siri allows Siri to perform an amazing feat. There are various numbers, sentences, and phrases that, in the event you utter, prompt Siri to say or do things in the answer, which gets pretty funny. It doesn’t matter what you say, Siri always has a response. Read: Siri why is the fire truck redFor example, in the event that you tell Siri the name of 112, she will make the decision on the number of emergencies in the US in addition to the Indian emergency companies.In the event you ask Siri to say something catchy, she’ll do the tune’s path. This setting is made in such a way that you should use it to profit by turning this function into a prank mode.

What happens when you ask “why do fire trucks have red Siri”?

Similarly, one of the ridiculous and funny solutions you’ll get in case you ask Siri why the fire truck is red, it’s something you wouldn’t be able to imagine. So while you ask Siri about it, she’ll respond by saying “Monty Pythonesque’s application of principles of logic and etymology,” The answer you’re trying to find from Siri isn’t real. appearance, instead, it confused people really because they couldn’t make sense of the question. It doesn’t really touch on the main question, let alone answer it, which is why it makes such a great joke, as very few people will understand the pun inside the answer. Reddit when a Reddit user, out of pure curiosity tried to unravel the reasoning behind it, and they posted an answer by Siri. A serious question was answered as something so confusing that it lost all meaning and made it ridiculous. However, what they don’t think about is that they can also use this particular question to prank people.

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How should you stage the prank?

In the following, we will teach you how to arrange a prank using this particular question. It’s very easy and you don’t even have to worry too much about it because Siri will do the main trick, all you have to do is plant the seeds of curiosity in the person you are trying to trick. It doesn’t matter, it doesn’t matter where you are standing or sitting, it could be in a restaurant, your house or even in the park. Of course, you already know about the prank process and what Siri will respond to, but you have to act aloof.Grab your phone and try to look busy. When you do, don’t make obvious eye contact but make sure you’re open to conversation.So act like you’re scrolling through Instagram or Facebook and suddenly the question pops up whether the person sitting with you knows why the fire truck is red. Of course, the person will direct the question towards you and ask ‘why?’. At this point you must continue to argue the question. You cannot give an answer nor ask the person to search for it using Google. will play a prank and the person will suggest that there is something fishy. So at this point you shouldn’t ask the question but say “I’m curious to know about it, it’s not important but interesting”. This can completely raise curiosity in the individual.

In the middle of the dialog, offer suggestions that the individual should ask Siri.

As soon as the individual asks “hey Siri why is the fire truck red”, Siri will respond with a definitive answer that he/she didn’t get. It’s entirely possible to throw the guard’s personal because that individual won’t know the answer due to hardly any connection to what you’ve asked him. This answer is sure to surprise people.

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What are some of the best things you should keep in mind?

There are some elements that are best to remember earlier than staging jokes.

  • Make sure the individual doesn’t spot this particular prank and
  • Make sure the individual doesn’t know what Siri will answer.
  • Don’t sit too quiet.
  • Don’t be too self-centered. If the individual does not need to notify Siri, it is best to do so. It will be no less interesting.

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Now you realize all the methods, proposals and strategies. What are you ready for? Ask this ridiculous question to Siri to make someone find out. Read more: Why did David choose Jerusalem

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