Simplifying & Solving Conditional Equations

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Simplify and solve conditional equations

When it comes to solving conditional equations, it all boils down to one goal – to separate the variable on one side of the equation. Consider Hannah’s equation again. This is a linear conditional equation. To solve conditional linear equations, we can separate the variable by simplifying the equation according to the following rules:

  • We can simplify both sides as much as possible.
  • We can add or subtract the same number or terms on both sides.
  • We can multiply or divide the same number or terms, minus 0, on both sides.
  • We can swap sides of the equation.
  • These rules will not change the value of the variable in the equation. In Hannah’s equation, to isolate x, we need to get rid of the 0.5 that we’re multiplying by. If we divide 0.5x by 0.5, 0.5 will cancel and x will be its own integer. According to our rule, we can divide both sides of the equation by 0.5 without changing the value of the variable. Therefore, to solve the equation, we divide both sides by 0.5 and then simplify both sides as much as possible to separate x. Read more: Cos 30 Degrees | Top Q & AAs are expected, we get x = 10. This is a very simple example of simplifying and solving conditional equations. Depending on the equation, separating the variable can be quite easy, like we’ve just seen, or it can be extremely difficult. Let’s look at another example that we can use our rules to solve.

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    Consider the following equation Read more: What timeframe should be used for intravenous epinephrine Verify that the equation is conditional by finding the values ​​of the variables that make the equation true and the values ​​that make it wrong equation. The easy part is finding a value of the variable that makes the equation wrong. Can you find any? What if the variable is 0? Then we have the following:

    • 3 (0) + 8 = 0 – 4 or 8 = -4

    Obviously, 8 ≠ -4, so x = 0 makes the equation wrong. There are many values ​​that make the equation false, but all we need is one and we find that for x = 0. Now solve the equation using our rules to find a the value of the variable makes the equation correct. more: what is the fastest plane in gta 5

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