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[Warning: This story contains spoilers from the Scream season-two finale, “When a Stranger Calls.”]The legacy of Billy Loomis (Skeet Ulrich) lives on in the MTV series Scream. Season two. In the final scenes of the season two finale, Emma (Willa Fitzgerald) realizes from a direct comment Kieran (Amadeus Serafini) made while “defending” her from Ghostface that he is indeed the one standing. behind the mask. Backed up in a corner, her boyfriend reveals he’s the killer, taking on Piper (Amelia Rose Blair)’s quest from season one because it turns out Kieran and Piper were dating before Emma met him. He’s just pretending to be Emma’s boyfriend while Piper tries to ruin her life. And after Emma and Audrey (Bex Taylor-Klaus) kill her in the season one finale, he decides to get his revenge on them. in the attack. They hold him at gunpoint while the police arrive to take him away in handcuffs, officially clearing all of Emma and Audrey’s suspicions. The season ends with Kieran alive but in jail, receiving a call from someone claiming to be the late Brandon James. Next up will be the October Scream special featuring two previously unsolicited episodes of the series. The show follows the tactics of the first film of making the boyfriend the obvious suspect at first, then drawing suspicion away from him before revealing he is actually the killer, causing make things even more shocking. that he found out he was the season two killer, what this means for his future on the show and beyond.Last season, everyone thought Kieran was the killer. But this season doesn’t have many pointing fingers for you. Have you seen any of the fan theories come close to the truth?It really went back and forth a lot. But many doubted that Kieran was not entirely innocent. But some people will be surprised and there will always be people who think they know and then won’t admit when they are wrong and when they are surprised.And we’ve seen this go down in the Scream movies…The boyfriend thing was done. That’s Billy Loomis, isn’t it? From the first movie. So I think it’s been long enough. They did four seasons and then part of the show. I think they’re allowed to go back to that boyfriend concept.When you find out that Kieran is the killer?Honestly, it was, like, a week before the finale. The showrunners tipped me off. Then I had to go into my prep mode, go back and look at all the kills and make them make sense in the timeline and for Kieran’s character. I don’t know if I’ll end up being a hero character or a sacrificial or killer character over the course of the season.What do you think about that turning point knowing that Kieran has been working with Piper all this time?I was socked. I wanted it to be like that but there’s a lot of storylines that change over time. Of course, between the first and second seasons, everything changed. Our executive producers have changed. I was stunned. I think I can be a sacrificial character (laughs) for most of the characters on our show. I thought I was going to die for sure. And they’ve teased that a few times this season with deaths and dream sequence stabbings. But I’m really excited to be among the killers in the franchise.After you found out you were the killer, how did that affect the way you presented Kieran in the finale?I had to be careful. You don’t want to just pop a dime. If you wanted to, we had to keep Kieran’s transition from slow to completely insane so as not to mislead the audience before the reveal. It is so difficult.Knowing what you know about Kieran’s past now, have you played any earlier moments in the other series, or are you glad you didn’t know about this the whole time?Read more: Who is Harbard in Vikings? | Top Q&AI I’m sure glad I didn’t know. You just don’t know how you’re going to take the material and massage it into the story. All in all, it’s a very wise tactic for the showrunners to withhold information until they get exactly what they want and then provide the reveal.Last season, after Piper was revealed to be the killer, she was killed almost instantly. But Kieran survived to the end of season two, even though he is now locked up in prison. What does this mean for you heading into next season?It is a dark horizon. I really do not know. I don’t know what will happen with the third part, whether there will be or not [one]. And what will happen to my character, I don’t know. It’s funny not knowing, back to that boat of not knowing. That’s how they really pushed this show, keeping us all in the dark. It’s a tactic of the usual Suspects of having virtually every actor believe their character might be the killer and letting them play with it, capturing special moments of appearance and suspicious intentions. And then just take it away and give it to one person. I think it went pretty well.Brandon James (or someone calling himself him) called Kieran to prison in the finale’s final scene, so it certainly doesn’t look like his story is over yet.That looks promising, doesn’t it? Is Brandon James really out there? I do not know. It has been an enjoyable ride and I hope it continues. I wonder what Kieran is going to do now that he’s in prison. I wonder what being arrested will do to him. I hope we show it off.Was it like filming that big reveal scene where Kieran shoots Eli and confesses to Audrey and Emma?Is crazy. We’re really trying to get that episode done, and we’ve had a lot of days piled up, such as double shooting days, to really beat it. It was really intense. Obviously those are night shots, and it’s a compressed schedule, so things are really enhanced. It was incredible to work on that material with Willa, Bex, and Sean. Everyone is just vibrating, all working out of each other’s energies. It was my most enjoyable shot in the entire show.Do you think Kieran feels guilty about his murders especially Eli because he has a family?I don’t think it’s a crime. There are many murders that he committed, and of course, it is not exactly clear whether he was the killer before he met Piper or if she completely made him guilty. murder the first time or not. But no, I don’t think he has to regret it. I think he was really defeated when he was caught. Here’s a guy who worked hard, round the clock, setting up all that killer stuff with all those cameras and technology. He must be very understanding. He set fire and killed people, moved and appeared and changed his outfit. He really is a smart guy to pull out all that. Do you suspect that Kieran is the killer? Talk about that and your hopes for a third season in the comments section below. Read more: Vaani Kapoor Age, Boyfriend, Family, Biography & More | Top Q&A

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