Saint Roch: The Patron Saint of Dogs

Saint Roch: The Patron Saint of Dogs August 16, 2020August 16 is the annual feast day of Saint Roch, the patron saint of dogs. Saint Roch (pronounced “rock”) was a Frenchman born into the nobility in 1295, so it seems strange that he is recognized as the patron saint of dogs.

Patronus of dogs


In addition to being the patron saint of dogs, Roch was also the patron saint of wounded soldiers, the wrongly accused, and bachelors, as well as the Italian cities of Dolo, Parma, Palagiano and Cisterna di Latina. he doesn’t seem to be a huge fan of it. After losing his parents at the age of twenty, he began wandering the countryside near Rome.Roch was famous for donating not only his money but also his time to plague-stricken farmers.

The plague attacks…

After years of helping others and giving away almost all of his possessions to others, Saint Roch finally contracted the plague himself. Not wanting to burden others, he went to the forest to die alone, suffering, hungry and alone, he was discovered by a wild dog. Instead, the animal brought him bread to eat. Every day, the dog returns with food, then stays by his side to care for him. It is said that this hound healed Roch by licking the wounds created by the plague, bringing the man food to keep him alive.

Cared for by a hunting dog

In the end, Roch recovered. He and his newly acquired dog go to town and discover that the dog is owned by a local Earl, who has been friends for many years. Surprised and impressed, the dog was given to Roch by his owner, and together, Roch and his new four-legged friend began traveling again, eventually returning to Montpelier, France.

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Arrest and Imprisonment

After they returned to France, Roch and his dog were taken as spies. The two will spend the next five years in prison together. Others say that the duo are cared for by an angel. his death. The only data we can find is in the “Golden Legend” (a collection of autographs by Jacobus de Voragine widely read in late medieval Europe) about an angel carrying the word heaven a sacred table written in gold to the prison, he is under the head of S. Rocke. And on that table was written that God gave him his prayer, that is to say, witty, that whoever is gentle with S. Rocke, he will not be hurt by anything. any wound of the plague. but many feel certain that he appears in the form of every dog ​​in our lives. Repost:

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