reigns how to trick the devil

One of Reigns’ goals is to “Trick the Devil,” and as you might expect, it’s no small task. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to make Lucifer Island crazy. (This guide includes story additions to Reigns. Also, since much of your fate in the game is decided by the RNG, grasping the exact situations is necessary to trick the Devil. it can take a lot of play through. Be patient and keep trying!) Read: master how to outwit the devil-First you need to get the “Death” achievement, which is obtained by “Unmask”[ing] Senator. ” When one of your nobles seems annoyed and asks you to follow him, do so.-You are kidnapped, and then you run away from your captors with the help of Senator. Follow the sound of the Senator’s voice, but avoid running into the water.-The senator turns out to be a woman in white. Upon returning to the kingdom, the two become lovers. Make sure your actions keep the church happy, as your relationship with the organization dries up with each turn.After three years, the woman comes back and tells you you need to trick the Devil. . to trick the Devil If you ask her to share, she will give you the numbers: 1043, 683, 1214, 842, 1432 and 1669. These numbers correspond to the years on the timeline. in those years you’ll see alchemy symbols.The symbols represent the doors that you find in the catacombs: Fire, Arsenic, Acid, Gold, Five-pointed Star, and Five-pointed Star.-Find and open the golden doors in the catacombs (neutral doors usually lead to golden doors). Avoid doors with arsenic unless otherwise directed in this guide, as they often have traps. Find the torch; You may need to defeat skeletons to do so. Use a torch, and you’ll see cracks in the wall as they appear. – Go through the doors in the following order: Fire, arsenic, then acid. Then go through the broken wall opposite the golden door, then through the door opposite the pentagram, then through the five-pointed star door (Devil’s). – You will meet Kloc, a friendly skeleton. Don’t run away from him. Instead, “attack”, allowing you to talk to him. Kloc loves strawberries, which are unfortunately extinct, so it’s time to get some of them. It needs to be “awakened”, which you will do by giving it a cold, red ruby. You get the ruby ​​from the Witch as a reward for surviving 15 years old. Read more: how to be a high value woman when he’s gone-Start a Crusade. The vase will appear to you in Lamascus, and after chatting for a while (it doesn’t matter what you say during this time) it will show you a machine that brings things back to life. Request for strawberries to be reinstated.trickthedevil 02-Return to the crypt when you can and find the Kloc the same way you did the first time. Give him strawberries. From now on, he will offer to help you whenever one of your resources runs out. – You meet the Devil once every 666 years, so keep going until the fateful time. Once he activates “Death Wish”, keep saying “No” to everyone. When one of your resources is running low, Kloc shows up and offers to help. Say yes! – The devil cannot kill the dead, so he will be completely fooled, leaving him feeling extremely frustrated. When the Devil turns back into a normal old dog, say “Yes” to his bark. The curse is officially broken, and you get the good ending and the reward for defeating the evil. Congratulations! (Special thanks to App Unwrapper) Read more: How to restore surface on exposed aggregate concrete

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